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  1. mikej460

    Feeling old

    I think thoughts of a 34' yacht in a county that experiences cyclones would be enough to put me off. There are many reported incidents of older folk coming awry at sea so, if I were you, unless you succumb to your common sense conscience, I'd try hiring one first, outside of cyclone season!
  2. mikej460

    Wago Lighting Connectors

    Agreed and he said as such; it is our choice.
  3. mikej460

    Wago Lighting Connectors

    I think the point here is more that the electrical regs are mandated by building control who can force you to comply. Our sparks came to look at our CU the other day as it needs to be moved, its a modern plastic split CU with 2 RCD breakers and mcbs. He recommended we replace it with a metal one...
  4. mikej460

    What are these metal pins called (Dissasembling my Kity 636 for restoration)
  5. mikej460

    Workshop lighting advice

    I've got the Screwfix LED battens in my temporary workshop and they are fine but do cast a shadow, which can be a pain. I intend to fit daylight LED panels in the new workshop. Up to now I've avoided cool white or daylight lighting but I've installed temporary daylight LED bulbs in a room I'm...
  6. mikej460

    Wago Lighting Connectors

    I'm in the middle of totally refurbishing an old kitchen and hall into an open plan dining room. This work involved removing the internal wall and ripping out the old ceiling, ready for rewiring and new pipework. I found a lot of dead wires and even a few unterminated live wires. I'm currently...
  7. mikej460

    Decline in Valued Contributors???

    Compared to the other place, I prefer this forum, mostly because it is more user friendly - easier to post pictures and to find useful posts. I do tire of the arguments, especially the oft posted 'my way is better than your way' nonsense and I've now stopped reading most off topic posts as they...
  8. mikej460

    Reccomend me a whetstone/sharpening setup under £50

    I use three Vaunt diamond stones (300, 600 and 1200 grit) together with a leather strop glued to a piece of ply (same size as the Vaunts) all set in a piece of 18mm thick ply. I made this after watching Paul Sellers make one. It is very useful for quick honing on each stone with a squirt of...
  9. mikej460

    Puzzling damp patch?

    I would add make sure your gutters aren't leaking or overflowing (look for green algae on the outside walls) and eaves slates are in good condition (water gets through the eaves slates or over the gutters straight down onto the external brick wall and tracks downward and into the house via the...
  10. mikej460

    Workshop Roof

    I wouldn't use felt and certainly not for that sort of cost, as it does perish over time. You could do it a lot cheaper using steel or onduline roofing sheets laid over a battened, breathable membrane. I used cedar shingles on our loose boxes and they look great but they are expensive and tricky...
  11. mikej460

    Tenon saw - is this saw a good buy

    Good point, I didn't consider thickness but the higher tpi will slow the cut in thinner stock. I have so often in the past cut fast and wandered off the line.
  12. mikej460

    Tenon saw - is this saw a good buy

    Yes, but the tpi is important in terms of quality of finish vs speed of cut. I would opt for the 15 tpi version as this will make it slower going and so more able to control the cut. Watch how Sellers does it watch the mirror image in the saw blade to ensure the blade is perpendicular to the...
  13. mikej460

    Hand planing hardwood - bad idea?

    Just to point out that the right technique is the one that is right for you...
  14. mikej460

    Joke Thread II

    For today's young car owners who think they are more intelligent than new car owners 50 years ago. 50 years ago the owners manual showed you how to adjust the valves in your car engine, whereas now it warns you not to drink the battery acid....
  15. mikej460


    Ah well you're capitalising and that's German...😁
  16. mikej460

    Buffing kits

    I bought my buffing kit from Polishing Kits | Polishing Mops | Polishing Shop | Polishing Kit
  17. mikej460


    And cattle and sheep auctions. I had to stop somewhere otherwise I'd be quoting groats etc!
  18. mikej460


    Oh and another old coin was the crown - 2 half crowns = one crown
  19. mikej460


    There's nothing on your argument to explain why my view was simplistic or inaccurate. Yes the old currency evolved over many, many years but decimalisation was a fundamental step change. I recall only too well the furore in the papers and from my parents about rounding up. It was pretty...