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    For Sale Axminster Spindle moulder 240v

    Axminster 240v spindle moulder -30mm shaft -Sliding table -Tilting shaft -Digital speed readout -Good working order Some marks to the fence from the powerfeed wheels but doesn’t effect use. These are still available from Axminster at over £2700 **Please note this does not include...
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    Which wood for garden furniture?

    i would use iroko purely for durability, but Oak treated right would be ok. I have recentley been using an Osmo finish, I forget the name of it now but it is very waxy and flexibile. You dont want a finish that will crack or blister and allow water under, otherwise the oak starts to get black...
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    Simply Screwdrivers

    Whia make the best screwdrivers going. Very comfortable to use, solid construction. I think axminster stock them.
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    Which Chisels?

    AI Butt chisels. Brilliant
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    solid wood internal window cill question

    Ive seen them fixed with expanding foam before. Might be an idea! Lot less work to it also.
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    Sash window chain replacement - any experience?

    It wont be the case that the chain carries the weight of the sash. Have you looked at the window yet or not? I only ask as I have only come across chains on larger windows. In my experience the chains have been attacthed to the side of the sash by a recessed plate wich is screwed to the sash...
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    gas nail guns

    Deansocial. Have you tried one, had a look at one and read all the information on them?? If so you could see why I made that statement. Also anyone who has experience of using a gas powered gun will tell you how much maintanence you have to do to keep them running nice and without fault. Then...
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    gas nail guns

    you need to check out the new senco gun. Doesnt use gas and doesnt need refilling, think it uses a pressurised nitrogen chamber or something. Had a go of one in the shop the other day. Really good. Have a look, cos they are going to take over from gas easily, not much more expensive and nothing...
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    Mafell MT55CC

    Received the saw yesterday from D&M Tools. Axminster, A One tools, and Miles tools and Machinery all out of stock on 110v. First impressions are very good, heavier than the KSP55, but has a lot more features. As to be expected it seems very well made, and very comfortable to handle. I got a 32...
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    Mafell P1CC Jigsaw... why so expensive?

    I noticed this, super expensive for a jigsaw. I like my mafell tools but I can't see how a jigsaw can be worth that much, what type of work would someone have to be doing for it to be worth them buying?
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    Mafell MT55CC

    Going to get the mafell MT55CC plunge saw tomorrow, after selling my KSP55 because i now need 110v tools. Was torn between this one and the Festool TS55 but i'm going for the mafell because it has more power, you get a 1.6m rail instead of a 1.4m and it also has a couple of extra features that...
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    Stanley 264 Router

    Just wondering if anybody thinks it would be worth buying one of these for my router table? I know of one for sale at the moment and will be able to get it dirt cheap. We used to have one at my old work, it must of been 25 years old and was still going strong! They look very similar to the new...
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    Planer thicknesser problem Help!!!

    Tell me if you already know this, but are you putting the timber over the planer the right way up? As in, having the crown in the timber upwards and having the hollow face down over the bed. If not the planer will just keep planing the timber to the shape it already is. Thus, taking more out of...
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    The Fes fetish

    Chems, make sure you keep an eye on that hose. I have had to return two now, because they keep going into an oval shape and losing all their flexability! They go very stiff and do exaclty what you say your other hose was doing. Just because its festool doesn't mean everything is perfect, this...
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    Various tools for sale, FESTOOL, MAFELL

    Without knowing the fella I was just making sure he wasn't saying it as a joke as it is a very serious subject, now it seems established he is not joking, I would like to offer him the best of luck and a hopefully a speedy recovery. xy mosian, maybe you should read the whole post to see how it...
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    Various tools for sale, FESTOOL, MAFELL

    Don't know if to take that seriously or not, but lets just hope you are being serious, because it's not something I would want to joke about.
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    Various tools for sale, FESTOOL, MAFELL

    Laird, have you nothing better to do?
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    Kitchen Worktop Jigs

    Not just me. There are about four teams of two. We fit a kitchen a day each team, and also box in pipes and fit bath panels in the bathroom.
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    Kitchen Worktop Jigs

    Thanks very much for the replies. Ive recently got work where there is around 500 kitchens to be fitted! So is going to see some use. Ive opted for the makita one £79.99 and free storage bag, not to bad I think.