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    Sold Books - Various Woodworking Topics

    Hello I would like Beautiful boxes and Inlay techniques if they are still available. Regards Paul
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    For Sale Workshop Clear Out Part 2 - Books

    Hello I would like the book of boxes Andrew Crawford if its still available, and the Wood Identification. Regards Paul
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    Sold David Barron 1.6 Magnetic Dovetail Guide

    Hello I would like this if not already spoken for Regards Paul
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    Sold Axminster TS-200 table saw with sliding fence and stand - Essex / East London

    Hello any pictures I may be interested< I'm in East Ham. Paul
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    Sold Leather Tool Bag - 30 Inch (Large) - Connell

    Bag has just turned up looks like new. A great deal thanks very much. Regards Paul
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    Sold Leather Tool Bag - 30 Inch (Large) - Connell

    Thats great do you want to text or email me your details.
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    Sold Leather Tool Bag - 30 Inch (Large) - Connell

    Sorry I can't collect I'm in East London and I've never had to send a courier is it possible that I pay extra for you to send to me otherwise I'll have to wait for one of my boys to do it for me. I can pay you now if you want.
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    Sold Leather Tool Bag - 30 Inch (Large) - Connell

    Hello Blister if this bargin is still available I'll bite your hand off. Regards Paul
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    Cutting the lid off the box

    Yes totally agree with Johnwa I do the same and you my Proxxon saw to do it with it works a treat.
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    Jewellery box

    Absolutely stunning. You should be very proud of your work Paul
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    Is the Metabo HC260 any good? Currently dimensioning with bandsaw and handplanes.

    Hello I have a Metabo 260 and also a hobby woodworker I bought one from new at a show and the same with most things if you set it up properly it will serve you well
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    Which mitre saw

    I got mine from a member on this forum westy619 he has an ebay site and has made it from the bosch laser so fits like for like easy to fit no wires to hide or tape up I think if you search mitre saw shadow light on ebay it comes up. Paul
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    Which mitre saw

    I didn't like it so I fitted an led light, in fairness I didn't give the laser a chance as I'd set my mind on the Dewalt led system I should really have at least tried the lazer but can always go back to it if I wanted. Paul
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    Which mitre saw

    I bought the GCM 12 GLD. I decided on the Dewalt at first and took it back the next day for the bosch
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    Which mitre saw

    Hello I must apologise to roadrunner45, Homeless squirrel and James555 for not replying due to illness and thanks to Noel for doing the reply. In answer to Homeless squirrel I have been to Tucan Tools some years ago and have also bought quite a bit from ITS, in fact it was ITS where I bought...
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    How is this curved dovetail joint made?

    Looks like a leigh jig to me all sorts of shapes they do. Paul
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    Which mitre saw

    Many thanks Darren. Paul
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    Which mitre saw

    Hello all I just wanted to do an update on my mitre saw, I went for the Dewalt, got it home although it fitted on my bench it stuck out to much, I should have gone with my first choice but I do like Dewalt, but with my lack of space in the workshop it was just no good. I took it back the next...