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    Wanted Lie nielsen no 62 blade

    I'm looking for a blade for the Lie Nielsen no 62 low angle jack plane
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    can't decide between Record Power or Charnwood

    I've had the record bs 300 bandsaw for nearly 20 years. I've replaced the drive belt and that's it. I would highly recommend Record. Their service backup is good too. I've never owned Charnwood kit so cannot comment on them.
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    Elektra beckum tf100 spindle moulder

    These have been around for a while. I'm thinking of buying one second hand. It has a standard 30mm spindle. Are there any options to change this for a 1/2 inch router collet at all?
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    Also try Lovell workwear
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    Setting scoring blade

    I'll check the drive belt tension. Thanks
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    Setting scoring blade

    I've set up a conical scoring blade on the panel saw but in order to avoid break out , I have to raise the scoring blade to cut 3mm depth. The scoring blade then stalls in the cut. Is it better to switch to the adjustable scoring blades? Has anyone experienced this problem?
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    Moisture meter for timber

    I've used a brennenstuhl model for a few years and it has been perfect.
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    Help appreciated with switching to LED downlights!

    I've got the same problem and I believe it's due to the transformers. Standard 12v transformers have a minimum Watt requirement which is higher than the 4 to 7 W LED bulbs. You'll need to get LED drivers and swap out the 12v transformers. By the time you work out what's involved, you might...
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    Best joinery methods for melamine faced chipboard

    I'm making two wardrobes with internal drawers out of 18mm Egger laminated melamine faced chipboard. I need to hide the joinery so I cannot use screws. What is the best method between dowels or biscuit joints or even hidden pocket screws? I haven't got the festool domino or lamello zeta so...
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    Powered Respirators

    I've seen mixed reviews of the Trend airflow pro. The JSP powercap seems to be lighter and more user friendly. The big difference is that the trend is rated AFP20, suitable for fine mdf dust whereas the powercap is only rated to AFP10 and not suitable for fine dusts such as mdf. Is this correct?
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    Planer thicknesser purchase advice please

    I've got the machine about 20cm from the wall to allow for the blade guard. When you raise the table into thicknessing mode, the table does not protrude beyond the machine so provided you are not concerned about the blade guard, you could position the machine up against your assembly/outfeed...
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    Planer thicknesser purchase advice please

    I upgraded to the minimax fs30c with tersa cutters two years ago. It's a great machine and copes well with hardwoods. The choice of blades such as hss, chrome and m42 make it very flexible and blade changing takes two minutes. The only downside is taking the fence off for thicknessing but...
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    19mm Chisel bush for morticer

    I'm looking for a replacement 19mm chisel bush for the bm16 type morticer. Does anyone know who supplies these ?
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    Spray kit recommendations ( walls and cabinets )

    The fuji spray system works well for cabinets and general woodworking. There is a lot of set up time involved and I've found it's only worth it for batches e.g. kitchen doors etc. In addition there is the dangers of using solvent based products. Fuji do offer different spray fittings with...
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    Slot Morticer for Minimax fs30c planer thicknesser

    If anyone has the slot morticer attachment for the Minimax Fs30c planer thicknesser and wants to sell it, please let me know.
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    Workshop vacuum extractor

    My trend T30 is finally packing up after 20 years. I was considering replacing it with either the Metabo M class 240v vacuum or Nilfisk Attix 33 2m. The Metabo has auto filter cleaning whereas the Nilfisk is a push clean system. Has anyone got experience of either?
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    Steaming wood

    Looking at the cad, it should be possible if the accoya is air dried. If it has been kiln dried, then it may not work as easily. I've recently steam bent some 1.5m lengths of Oak in a steam box made from plywood. I used a Wagner wallpaper steamer which was perfect for an hour. However a...
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    Planer Thicknesser advice.

    It's a real time and cost saving machine. If you are only going to work on small items, then you could manage with hand planes. It's one of those long term investments and as always buy the best you can afford so that the machine can provide you capacity and deal with hardwoods.
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    Sharpening system selection

    Most of my work has been furniture and cabinet making. I have used an old JET waterstone sharpening machine and waterstones to sharpen my plane blades, chisels and other cabinet making tools. Recently I have been doing some turning and sharpening the various turning tools quickly and...
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    Kity 419 on the bay.

    I owned one for nearly 20 years. It was great for small scale cabinet making using hardwood up to max 2 inch thickness and small panels. The 1100w motor was fine for this type of work. Using a narrow kerf blade also helps. The tilting mechanism can be worn so check this out before buying as...