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    Deadman Foot Switches

    A lot of Diamond scrollsaws have this feature,, I have 3!
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    Disassembly and transporting of Diamond scrollsaw.

    Why would you go to all that risk and hassle to save £15 congestion charge? Use the car that’s your best option.
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    Disassembly and transporting of Diamond scrollsaw.

    You can remove the wooden table and release the tension on the arm to tie it to the table , that’s it the frame is all welded so cannot be disassembled If it has a stand that bolts together that does come apart
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    speed control switch

    This shows one of the reasons this is the best saw ever built!!! These components are a cheap and easy fix if they go wrong. If a hegner Axminster or dewalt fail it costs a fortune to fix
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    Polycut 3 owners UK spec AEG

    It is 2006 ands my second one is earlier 1984
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    Wood for scroll saw projects

    If you want small quantities of ply it’s sold in packs of 10 a4 laser grade which is aa or bb, on places like eBay lesser quality is c and d usually for concealed areas
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    Wood for scroll saw projects

    if you buy your wood from a reputable source at least you can get more if you need it. Old drawer bottoms are often warped and could contain woodworm and voids I wouldn’t bother with that rubbish
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    scroll saw blades for my diamond fretsaw

    The Diamond scrollsaw will take pinned or pinless blades , also coping ,junior hacksaw or bandsaw blades cut to fit . It wlll also take longer than 5” up to 7” easily You can also rotate the blade holders to accommodate longer than the throat!
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    scroll aw vvladws,

    Flying Dutchman do not make scrollsaw blades. They import them from Niqua and sell them under the Flying Dutchman name, the same goes for Hobbies just rebranded.
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    scroll aw blades

    I got my Niqua fix blades last September ebay USA ,£68 +pp for 2800 blades. An absolute bargain I’m very happy with the quality.
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    Wanted Hegner mk4

    wanted Hegner Accura mk4 wanted
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    Hegner development

    So to clamp different blades properly you will need .5 .7and 1mm blade holders and a quick clamp The cost just for these must be over £60. Hegner must have a policy of “a fool and his money….” Excalibur ,hawk,Diamond,Delta and Dewalt are all toolless blade change and all variable speed. Spend...
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    Hegner development

    This way of clamping blades really needs a serious re-design it is not a good way !! Most modern saws have tool free clamping, Hegner has some catching up to do
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    Tight or not tight enough

    Have you backed off the thumbscrews for the blade clamps ? They should be loosened half a turn to allow clamp movement in the v of the top and bottom arms. Too tight will result in blade breakage.
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    Hegner paint

    Is it RAL2004 or a top secret hegner mix?
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    Hegner paint

    what is the paint code for hegner saws?,,ral number
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    Axminster SFS

    Axminster should be able to help
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    Fret/scroll saw

    I would agree with AES regarding what he says about the Excalibur/Pegas saws ,however I will have to say that Record marketed the Hawk Scrollsaw in 3 sizes and this saw is better in both performance reliability and build quality than either of the former. Great machines are out there but don’t...
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    bench vs. stand

    I would advise you keep the factory stand as it was designed for your machine , if wooden ones were any good the manufacturers would make them. Treat yourself to a metal one for your other machine as doing it the right way is always best.