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    Natural Gas Futures

    Hi, Just to add to the debate. I exclusively trade 'crude oil' for a living, and suggest you look here:- This gives Global pricing for 'petrol', and as you can see gives a huge range by country of cost/Ltr. Many global factors at...
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    Things that bug you!!

    BORA stuff here…. They don’t appear to stock the 6x4 but have the rest.
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    LED downlights too bright - can I dim?

    No, you need a trailing edge. Link from gcusick are fine, just beware the total load. Screwfix also have them….
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    One-jab efficacy questions
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    One-jab efficacy questions

    Sure on the 1K, just shows how effective a speedy lockdown is. if you have any data on SARS v SARS2 link would be great, thanks…..
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    One-jab efficacy questions

    For South Korea it was similar to Singapore I believe. Have visited a few times, mainly Seoul, from the folk I still have contact they simply don’t understand the ‘western’ response early in the pandemic. Vietnam I’ve visited just for leisure, just wary of their stats but that be cynical……
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    One-jab efficacy questions

    Singapore has an effective track and trace system, I lived there for ten years including the period of SARs in 2003. The response to that was staggering and allowed the agility in responding to COVID. Of note is the lack of credible data on herd immunity - SARS v COVID……
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    How would you rate the UK's handling of this pandemic?

    Post 544 “@RobinBHM see you can you can use evidence, that wasn't so hard was it?”
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    Won't somebody think of "young people"? (Edit: and No, older people aren't "to blame")

    That is real data, it is the best available at a given point in time likewise from this.. Governments, agencies et al are reacting to information derived from available data. In time...
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    Won't somebody think of "young people"? (Edit: and No, older people aren't "to blame")

    Not less deadly......
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    Foam gun?
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    Foam gun?

    They are much of a muchness, I’ve owned three variants and they all did the job, my current is this.... The first two were similar in price, but through poor maintenance on my part had to be replaced...
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    Dimmer switch for LED bulbs?

    Had a similar issue and used a single version of this...
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    How would you rate the UK's handling of this pandemic?

    Clearly not, the post and my response were deleted. It doesn’t seem credible that the moderators saw fit to remove the post given you were simply asking a question re “legislation”. Forums welcome posts and is their business model, so why would they discourage ‘questions’......
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    How would you rate the UK's handling of this pandemic?

    I responded at the time and my post was also deleted as it quoted your statement that you would ignore the requirement on numbers allowed to meet indoors. There was no question about the legislation just your proposed breaking of it.......
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    another pointless political rant

    The opt in allows you to choose which organisation the donation goes to. Likewise M&S I believe........
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    Social distancing, .. what's that?

    An emotive subject, with equally emotive language. Acknowledging that anonymous forums are an ideal way for folk to manage emotion, particularly where their view diverges from the majority view, as here. Stay safe whatever you view!
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    MFT Question

    if you go direct Replacement Perforated Festool Type MFT /3-LP Top. The cost is £30 the Dog set (free!) costs an additional £18. I bought this and found It was affected by damp conditions, and likewise would recommend the birch ply version which is £50. Cheers
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    Osmo drying time

    Hi, I’ve just used the same, it will stay tacky for around 8 hours depending on conditions. I’d suggest waiting as long as you can and use cling film, worked for me.....