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  1. biskit

    Quiet Shop Vac?

    A year on have you had chance to give it a good trial? Are you connecting it to machines or just using it as a vac?
  2. biskit

    Britain's Best Woodworker

    I would have liked them to have used only hand tools not Powertools. As I did for the first half of my carpenter and joinery life.
  3. biskit

    Gardening tools

    Nice, the belt is the way to go. As you can see from my avatar our Bobble has trouble with shoulder straps, belts are easier.
  4. biskit

    Gardening tools

    Great job snetty, love to see the holsters. How is SWMBO liking the new trowel?
  5. biskit

    What wood to use for Paul sellers workbench

    Did mine a few years ago using 2” from BnQ I’ve found it great to work on.
  6. biskit

    Paint Workshop Walls?

    I can’t imagine anyone using any colour. We all want as much light as possible in our workshop.
  7. biskit

    New workshop for 2020

    Your build looks very well done, fits in with the house and now with the paving 👌 I bet SWMBO is well pleased. I'm looking forward to the setup inside.:cool:
  8. biskit

    Church pews

    I've used many church pews in the past, I love pitch pine for all sorts. Still got one or two boards in my cave.
  9. biskit

    Norwegian wood(shop) build

    Nice build Krysstel. What heating are you having? Wood stove I hope :!:
  10. biskit

    Fine Dust and general dust extraction

    Wow!! It makes me wonder how I got here after 50years joinery, without any protection other than the odd smog mask for dirty dust, from knocking walls down etc.!! (homer)
  11. biskit

    Aldi Clamps On Sale.

    I've stopped getting any tool type things from those sort of places. I haven't had anything that lasts any length of time! It's all chucked in a corner waiting to be put to other uses.
  12. biskit

    First Workbench (WIP)

    I recon your doing just fine, especially keeping SWMBO happy.
  13. biskit

    Small workshops

    I use my garage for cars and my trailer. At one side the space left is 14' at the front and 5' at the back. With a bench and cabinets along the wall. If I have a large project I move the Disco outside.
  14. biskit

    Let’s see your photos of the nicest tree’s you’ve seen

    Love a nice Yew. I hope this thread keep going.
  15. biskit

    Question about plaster behind skirting boards.

    Skirting board was fitted before the plaster, hence the plasterboard packer. First coat carlite is pitted so the finish will grip.
  16. biskit

    What did you do in your workshop today ?

    Found a very nice old oak post. I've used my Ads to clean it up, to make a new lintel for over the workshop doorway. Just waiting for a fine spell to fix it. The wood burning stove is coming into its own these days.
  17. biskit

    Moisture in workshop

    When I was an apprentice the workshop was made of t.n.g flooring walls, the roof was slate that use to ice on the underside in winter. Sheesh we were hard in them days!! Our tools were always ok because they were used six days a week. My workshop/cave on the other hand has a dehumidifier working...
  18. biskit

    Old fashioned grinder wheel

    You've reminded me of the one I used back in the 60s as an apprentice, always the essential for plane blades. Ours was a treadle type with a water bath.
  19. biskit

    shelf life of PVA

    I've always used old pva glue up for pointing, and never had any problems with strength or cracking. Some as old as 5years, stored in a cool shed (frost free)
  20. biskit

    What did you do in your workshop today ?

    seafax col I like what you have there, (hammer) can't wait to see the things you can get up too with it' :D