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    Sold Woden No7 Plane

    I’d like this no7, message sent
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    some Pedigree cats are very valuable, one Of my clients thinks nothing of paying £1800.00 for a cat, or several in her case. Their whole garden is fenced in so the cats can’t get out. She is worried they’ll be stolen If they roam freely as they are all extremely friendly
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    Professional domestic kitchen lighting help/advice needed please

    You can change them for LED quite easily, but you’ll need to bear in mind that the LED lamps will need a specific driver ( transformer). I partly dismantled our cooker hood and wired the driver in then connected the LED lamps and all was good. you should be able to purchase the lamps easily...
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    Alluminium bi fold doors any recomendation for supply and fit

    I can totally recommend The origin bi folds, as bjm said they aren’t the cheapest but I had more expensive quotes from other companies. This comes from a project management view, I’ve used them a lot over the last 2 years and never had any Bad feedback or call backs.
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    Recommendations to extend wi-fi coverage outside the house

    Sorry I should have read the whole thread before posting my reply, as you don’t want to run Ethernet cables, you could get a Ubiquiti nano station which grabs existing wifi signal and then amplifies it
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    Recommendations to extend wi-fi coverage outside the house

    Hi Roger earlier this year I installed a ubiquiti unifi AC pro mesh system in the house and 2 of their outdoor dual antenna Units in the garden, I’ve absolutely no complaints with it, we get amazing wifi all through the garden now which was very benefical during the lock down. my Supplier pre...
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    lignum bowling balls

    Mine have just arrived, I’ll check them out shortly.
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    lignum bowling balls

    I’ll take the 3 rd pair Pm sent
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    Contents insurance for workshop attached to house

    Mattchow Were you after domestic or commercial insurance, I’m with NFU for all my business stuff, All my tools and equipment are insured at home and in the work place for in Excess of 5k. If your were just after domestic insurance that may have been the reason why they weren’t interested
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    Woodworking vices

    I’m interested in the 52, I’ve just messaged you
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    Kapex Blade replacement, Allen key size

    Thanks Phil I have now ordered a set, I want to get a extra long Allen key for the Kapex as it’s often quite difficult to remove the bolt and was wonder what size is needed
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    Kapex Blade replacement, Allen key size

    Could someone please help me out, the notorious pencil thief In my workshop has disappeared with the Allen key used to change the blade on my kapex 120. I don’t have many Allen keys and none fit. I only swapped out the blade last week and just went to put the other blade back on to find no...
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    Help with fencing (not the type using swords!)

    Why not set concrete posts instead of wooden ones?, there’s not a massive price difference between concrete and wood posts, but it’s will save you any further issues with the posts, if your doing close board fencing you could set Concrete spur Posts and then bolt wooden posts. I used the...
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    Third party tracks for festool saw

    Check out this link ... Sw9~xexXP3 I’ve no idea of quality but it may be of interest to you or others after similar rails
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    LED downlights - and why you might not want to fit them

    From my experience using Robus Tri led down lighters, I have absolutely no Complaints. I fitted approx 40 of them 8 years, they were to upgrade from the various halogen ones fitted everywhere in the house. I did a lot research before hand as led Lighting technology was in its early days. From...
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    Cordless mitre saws any good?

    I have the milwaukee 18v one, I’ve had it probably 5 years now and the same as Doug I use it for site work, mainly first fix. Recently I’ve been doing some work outside at home as well and used it loads, as has been mentioned the batteries last well, I’m fairly set up with Milwaukee stuff and do...
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    Seeking a THIN Mirka interface pad

    Hi Roger I got a pack of the thin mirka interface pads from Anglia tools, they had to order them in as they’re not a stock item, in normal times I’m lucky as they have a depot in Milton Keynes and the staff are beyond excellent. If your struggling, PM me your address and I’ll send one up to...
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    Cordless lawnmowes

    I’ve just purchased a sthil cordless mower, only because I’ve already got the batteries, I’ve used it twice so far and can highly recommend it, our lawn is only tiny (60m2) and my wife couldn’t start the petrol one. She’s very happy using this one. As has already been said length of grass can...
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    Alley, ginnel, what?

    I now live in Bedfordshire and they’re called an Alley around here, I originally hail from Northamptonshire and I recall my grandpa calling them Jittys.
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    Clap for carers

    My wife and I also did it, there were several people in our street doing it, we even Had a fire work sent up by someone, we live in a bungalow and most of our street are very elderly and many were house bound before the lockdown so I clapped extremely loudly on there behalf. We could hear a lot...