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    What is the safest way to plank a small log?

    Would a freshly sharpened low tooth count rip saw be the answer?
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    ****ing boiler system...

    How about opening your stop tap almost all the way?
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    Cleaning oak doors

    How about Sugar Soap!
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    Wood identification

    Another guess of Oak from me!
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    Happy Christmas everyone

    Merry Christmas everyone, be kind, stay warm,Take care.
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    How do I remove a large engine oil stain on my resin drive?

    Is cat litter not recommended for this type of thing ?
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    Another what is it?

    Pretty sure its for scraping horses hooves out.
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    Fancy a FREE Axcaliber Premium Bandsaw Blade?

    Mine arrived yesterday , many thanks to Richard for this very generous offer! Regard woodbutcher2
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    Fancy a FREE Axcaliber Premium Bandsaw Blade?

    Yes please! 93 inch x 3/4 10-14 vari pitch. Very generous thanks a lot.
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    No eBay here with Talk Talk.
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    Richard T

    So sorry for your loss , my thoughts are with you.
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    Can Anyone Identify This Plant?

    I am almost certain your plant is Angelica . My wife has been growing them for several seasons.
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    Sad News- Roy "Digit" Randall

    Very sorry for your loss,my thoughts are with you.
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    Re-handling ward mortice chisels?

    Afternoon all. Educate me please,what is a twybil
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry christmas to one and all Many thanks to everyone for all the knowledge gleaned !