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    1st time using a wooden moulding plane

    I must admit to an unhealthy attraction to moulding planes - I sort of have it under control now and I've actually managed to sell a considerable number that I would never have a use for, but somehow they do have a way of multiplying! Some of the more complex moulding planes, especially if the...
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    You learn something every day.

    Not strictly relevant, but I heard one theory that planes started as fine adzes being pulled towards you to create a thin continuous finishing shaving with the wooden body starting as a jig to hold it at the right angle - can't for the life of me remember where I came across this now though.
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    One advantage of Record 043 style plough plane!

    I used to have a Record 050 with a full set of cutters, but I sold it as I never used it and I have a Rapier 43 and a lot of odd cutters from joblots etc - turns out I don't have a 1/4" amongst my collection of odd cutters - oops! However, as you can see, it's not a problem for the wee beastie!
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    My version of a Dryad Junior book plough (for bookbinding)

    This is a pretty good overview of the making of a book, and at about 9.30 shows a proper book plough in use - same principle as my 'junior' though with rather more control. Here.
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    My version of a Dryad Junior book plough (for bookbinding)

    Absolutely right! It should be a purpose built press (that I still haven't finished yet...), but it's the same principle, just no need to fiddle about with unnecessary bits of wood. If you're interested, the video from DAS bookbinding I linked to above is very good, he demonstrates using it at...
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    And another what is this tools called/used for post?

    The handle is not a screwdriver handle and the tool tip is not shaped like a screwdriver, but I'd say they have a distinctly awlish appearance...
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    My version of a Dryad Junior book plough (for bookbinding)

    To be honest, I don't know - I've only done a small amount and so far I've used a No. 4 iron that's got a bit more curve than you'd use for a jack, held flat on the press - it's surprisingly effective and oddly satisfying to see the strips of paper coming away. I think I've resharpened it once...
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    More price increases

    At the risk of making people 'grumpy', I think you've under-estimated the last percentage...
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    Is there anyone who prefer wooden planes to metal ones?

    But also, if wooden planes were so much better, western woodworkers wouldn't have abandoned them! It's complicated of course, I prefer a wooden jack, but a bailey style smoother for ease of adjustment - I've been meaning to make a copy of one of those Marples planes with a wooden body but...
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    My version of a Dryad Junior book plough (for bookbinding)

    Here's the finished thing after a bit more tidying up and sanding and a couple of coats of the ubiquitous Boiled Linseed Oil. And a really terrible photo of it in use! I made the cutting edge round as all book ploughs seem to have this - the original Dryad iron is pointed, although the...
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    My version of a Dryad Junior book plough (for bookbinding)

    For a while now I've been interested in bookbinding, and one of the problems for inexperienced amateurs such as myself is trimming the edges of what will become the book. Those with the money and space would use a guillotine, next up is a bookbinders plough, which is also expensive although...
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    Options etc For Wooden Threads

    Thanks for the replies so far - I hadn't considered veg oil, not having enough linseed was why I didn't use a pipe for soaking the dowels. I need/prefer a wooden thread partly for aesthetics but also because they are less likely to damage a book/paper that inadvertently makes contact - no need...
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    Free Chris Schwarz book on benches

    Thanks - I bought this some time ago as a pdf and inadvertently deleted it - doh! It'll be good to get re-aquainted.
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    Options etc For Wooden Threads

    So I have a couple of thread boxes and I'd like some advice on setting up/using them properly. The modern one has a tap with it, the old one doesn't so I'm planning on threading a dowel with a conical point, sawing down its length and inserting an old bit of saw plate suitably shaped to scrape...
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    Ukelele build - anyone help with obtaining plans/advice etc?

    Well, I've actually done something, I've decided on the wood - some sort of mahogany that used to be a mantelpiece and given to me for helping in a hurried house move. The grain is about as vertical as I'm likely to get without buying some specially. I've also sawn it into boards - the...
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    Ukelele build - anyone help with obtaining plans/advice etc?

    Well thanks once again, I've had some thoughts on timber, but I'm away for a couple of days so I'll be incommunicado and obviously won't be able to take photo's - one more question on timber selection; is it usual/desirable to have the same wood for front, back and sides? I do have some spruce...
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    Ukelele build - anyone help with obtaining plans/advice etc?

    Thanks once again for the replies - I'm not quite sure where to start! Thanks for the various tips on suppliers - you can never have too many! In general I'm doing this for the satisfaction of making something for my daughter and to save money as I should only have to buy strings, tuners and...
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    Precise and Imprecise Tools?

    I haven't really got much to add to this thread except to say that I once had a set of the cheapest possible Chinese chisels, not only were they not the width they claimed to be, but they also managed to not only fail to hold an edge, but never really took one in the first place! So definitely...
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    Ukelele build - anyone help with obtaining plans/advice etc?

    Thanks for the replies, I will investigate the links. Profchris, thanks for the link to your ukulele building thread - not sure how I missed it! Is it common practise to use a hardwood for the soundboard? Thanks again, SOTA
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    Ukelele build - anyone help with obtaining plans/advice etc?

    I have rashly promised to make an acoustic ukulele for my daughter's birthday, she has one but it sounds as good as the price we paid for it i.e. not much. Can anyone recommend plans, books, websites etc? I've done some stringed instrument building before so I have a good idea of what's...