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    DELTA 2 Speed 16" Scroll Saw - Sevenoaks

    Delta are supposed to be a good brand, @loftyhermes really rates them. This is a two speed model so not top of the range but hell, it's currently £20 with no bids and less than two days to go. Local pick up only from Sevenoaks. I might be tempted if it was nearer...
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    Anti slip finish for decking

    One thing I've seen locally is wire mesh stapled on top, seems to work really well. The local council used it on bridges etc making up a large cycle route project for the last Preston Guild. I was nervous at first but even wet and muddy it's still grippy, even on a road bike with 18mm wide slick...
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    Most suitable glue

    Have you tried wiping with a damp cloth after clamping but before the glue sets?
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    Does being right or lft-handed determine which way round a room you go when painting ?

    I've heard this before but I'm not convinced it make any difference. I'm nominally right handed but tend to use a left handed style when screwdriving. The other explanation I've heard which strikes me as more credible is that it follows the shape of your hands - form your right hand in a...
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    Does being right or lft-handed determine which way round a room you go when painting ?

    Hadn't really thought about it before but the main bulk of a wall is always clockwise, for the average height room I'll use a two or three step ladder, it easier to drag it to the right than push to the left. Cutting in is always locally left to right, better to drag brush than cut it, that...
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    Strange happening

    It could be anything based on a glimpse. You don't know what it was so how do you how far away it was? Binocular vision even of a static object may work out to about thirty feet, beyond that you are looking at visual cues - how large a known object appears or how it relates to the environment...
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    Nutool scroll saw

    Pricing seems a little ambitious to me, those are OK machines but they are not an "aspirational" model and may well be single speed. If you want to actually shift it you may only be looking at a third of that, perhaps two thirds if you don't mind it being a bit sticky and taking time to sell...
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    New Scroller after advice

    If you just want to cut flat bases for those I'd say a scroll saw would-be ideal. Laser would likely be more effort than it's worth once set up and actually entering the design is factored in - on a scroll saw simply draw around the base and cut by eye.
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    Speaker boxes/cabinets

    Yes many books have been written dealing exclusively with this topic. I would not claim any expertise myself. The only design I have ever studied is the legendary BBC LS3/5A (BBC design, produced by various manufacturers over the years), and that only because a replica design appeared in one of...
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    Royal Mail - complete ban on bladed items from 22nd April

    I doubt that she would have been able to throw Richard very far.
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    Parkside flat bits

    Used to feel similar until I got a set of the De Walt Extreme bits, really do work nicely, cut cleanly and with a nice flat bottom. When I got those I stopped thinking about it. Problem solved and end of consideration. Use them all the time for thinning the rear of ply panels such that they're...
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    PowerBoot. Bit holder for power tools

    I'd echo that. I think I've said before here my most used "general purpose" drill is a Bosch 12v. It's also the slowest and least capable but as Colin Chapman put it, simplify and add lightness, at least for the common stuff. Added to that, it may be personal but I don't like my tools to...
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    British Sumer Time Note

    There are two systematic errors at play there, firstly GMT is the average (hence the "mean") local time as obserbed at Greenwich. Since the majority of the country is to the west of Greenwich it follows that locally observed solar time trails GMT. The second is that a day is not of constant...
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    British Sumer Time Note

    Apparently that is a thing dairy farmers have to factor in, cows know when they are due for milking and get agitated if it's late. When the clocks change they have to transition the milking times by few minutes over ten days or so.
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    Advice on Refurbishing a Pillar Drill

    That doesn't look too bad to me from the photos. I suspect I'd tackle it with fine (400 grit or so) wet and dry and a sanding block, then wire wool. You don't need or even particularly want a mirror finish, if it feels smooth to the hand and things slide on the surface that's fine, the less...
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    Hall Effect

    Probably a built in amplifier, the Hall effect in practice gives a very low level signal that needs to be boosted to a practical level as soon as possible, otherwise it risks being swamped by noise and interference.
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    Nickers or spurs for Stanley 39 Planes?

    At first I assumed he was referring to plane socks.
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    Advice needed for wiring a segmented lighthouse lamp

    I'm not quite clear what you mean. By a "segmented lighthouse" do you mean a Fresnel lens? If you want to retain that bare in mind they are designed for a small single light source rather than something distributed as for a number of LEDs. Controlling LEDs is relatively straightforward if you...
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    what a waste

    There are limits to that, as paper and card are recycled the fibres get shorter and shorter, if you just endlessly recycled the same card it would rapidly degrade and lose all integrity. You need a steady stream of virgin stock going into the mix since there are effective limits to just how...
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    what a waste

    17 boxes to send 32 sheets of A4 paper Shipping pallet to send a single computer mouse