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  1. Fitzroy

    Help please- Creusen grinder humms but won’t spin

    An AC motor requires phases that are out of sync to spin. Without this the AC just makes the motor bounce back and forth, hum, at the uk electric frequency. The capacitor causes a phase offset as the rate it charges and discharges is slow compared to the frequency of the uk grid. The motor...
  2. Fitzroy

    Budget Exterior Wood

    The death of exterior timber is from remaining damp for long periods. Parts in contact with the ground, joints where water can enter and not dry out, and horizontal surfaces are all prime examples. Doors don’t tend to have any of these elements and hence are not typically treated. Building out...
  3. Fitzroy

    Bath waste. This can't be right??!?

    Any trap that has a click top has to sit proud enough that it can move down and unclick. The one in my tub is only 1-2mm proud though.
  4. Fitzroy

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    I made a mess investigating the top floor dormer. We had planned to sell so I was ignoring it, but now we are staying and I’m undecided on a repair and DG the old sashes, or remake the whole thing. The holes in the lath and plaster were to help understand the construction. It looks like the...
  5. Fitzroy

    Plane Blade Squareness

    I’ve mulled this one before, and concluded that so long as you can set the blade appropriately in the plane then it’s ok.
  6. Fitzroy

    Wadkin 10 AGS rip fence replacment

    There is an AGS10 fence on ebay, look under the sold items as the listing ended without sale. However it is £280. There are lots of rip fence kits that bolt onto the front edge of the table, you'd need to drill new mounting holes. I bought a Kreg fence for my bandsaw that was a huge upgrade on...
  7. Fitzroy

    Good Afternoon Folks

    Welcome along and looking forwards to seeing what you make.
  8. Fitzroy

    Narrow Lean To Shed Project

    A decent wall that will last and doesn’t feel like a shed will be at a minimum 125-150mm thick. From inside to outside plasterboard/plywood, vapour barrier if insulating, 75mm framing with insulation if required, breathable membrane, battens, cladding. On the house side you’d also need some...
  9. Fitzroy

    Hello everyone.

    Hello, glad to have you here.
  10. Fitzroy


  11. Fitzroy

    Jet JPT-260 spare parts - have I made a mistake buying this machine?

    I think you’ll be ok, it’s just about sourcing them. Searching for jpt260 parts diagram and you can find the part number jpt260-094 is the outfeed roller. Searching for this part number it comes up on a number of European websites so you should be able to get it one you find the distributor in uk.
  12. Fitzroy

    Introduction with some of my recent projects - Hi all!

    Welcome along. Some great projects there. Just a word of warning but the weather will destroy your garden table. I made an oak one a few years back, the top was badly weathered after a year and the wood in contact with the ground became stained very quickly. Anything you can do to keep it...
  13. Fitzroy


    Welcome along. No idea if it would make a good hammer shaft but it’s a lovely wood. I made an incense stick burner out of a piece when I was a teenager (no idea why now of course) it sits on a shelf in my shed and has in emergency been used as a hammer as it’s so hard.
  14. Fitzroy

    Buying from Europe

    Thank you so much, that’s super helpful! Off to make my order.
  15. Fitzroy

    How flexible is 0.5mm aluminum sheet ?

    You are describing the use of a shim, my feeling is that 0.5mm aluminium will be stiff enough that it will not bend around a 49mm diameter without permanent deformation. You may be better off with several shims adding up to the desired thickness.
  16. Fitzroy

    Buying from Europe

    But we got £350mil per week for the NHS! On a non political note, it does seem hard to find any simple info on what EU sellers should do to sell to the UK. I've been looking at buying a piece of equipment from Dictum in Germany, and whilst they offer free UK postage I can't workout if I need...
  17. Fitzroy

    Window Frame Glass Surround Advice

    It looks like old linseed putty to me. A tub is pretty cheap and it's very forgiving stuff to work with, however it does take a good while to go hard. You can alternatively use any paintable window glazing mastic/putty, eg this one. They harden/set much quicker but they can be very messy to...
  18. Fitzroy

    Paul Hannaby

    Unlike Darth Vader who turns people to the dark side.
  19. Fitzroy

    Converting garage

    Not a particularly great starting point, you'll pretty much end up constructing a new building inside the garage and using the bricks as a rain screen.
  20. Fitzroy

    Eco Wood Treatment (ecowoodtreatment) - has anyone used it?

    here's an interesting discussion on it.