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  1. Essex Barn Workshop

    Car tax / road fund licence

    8 responses yet only one answer. What is this site becoming? Anyone suggested that instead of making his car road legal he should buy a festool yet? No, as Gerry says, you are only responsible from the time you become the owner so don't worry.
  2. Essex Barn Workshop

    Biscuit jointer

    100%. I enjoy using mine, which came in a metal box.
  3. Essex Barn Workshop

    Biscuit jointer

    I had, and used with success, the erbauer biscuit jointer from screwfix for years: I have now upgraded, but only because a really nice, clean and little used bosch pro one came up on facebook marketplace about...
  4. Essex Barn Workshop

    Cookie Slice

    There is a place near me in Essex I would try, but to avoid the journey ring them first as their web site is down: Waney edge city Lumber 07540 873080 They are outside of Waltham Abbey in the Epping area.
  5. Essex Barn Workshop

    How to drill into a concrete lintel?

    Fair point, well made. it is indeed a bit of a beast.
  6. Essex Barn Workshop

    How to drill into a concrete lintel?

    I've have this one: for years having bought it for pretty much exactly the reason you now need one! It was just about the cheapest one on the market, and It has never let me down, even though I don't use it...
  7. Essex Barn Workshop

    Maths equation assistance

    My understanding of those equations, if it helps at all, is that whatever you were going to use, you need a bigger bolt.
  8. Essex Barn Workshop

    How are you storing your tools?

    screwdrivers, spanners, scissors, pliers etc etc are generally on magnetic strips in my workshop. Battery powered tools are generally wherever I last put them down!
  9. Essex Barn Workshop

    For Sale Startrite table saw parts

    riving knife please. happy with £20, not going to make you an ONO offer. PM sent.
  10. Essex Barn Workshop

    Phillips / Posidriv Screwdrivers

    Another for Wera, I use their bit holders and bits almost exclusively in my drivers but do think we need an honourable mention at least for Halford's professional range. I have a couple of different sets of them, including stubbys, and their no questions replacement lifetime guarantee is impressive.
  11. Essex Barn Workshop

    Wrong Hex hack

    I don't often share hacks or you tube videos, but this one is short and to the point. It would also have worked for me in the past when fitting a particularly big inset nut.
  12. Essex Barn Workshop

    The 5-cut method explained in detail

    Interesting and informative, thank you. However, I'd like to raise a general question. How accurate is accurate enough? Like many, I have recently made an improved cross cut sled and I actually used a different cut system I saw online to test accuracy. It is about 200th of an inch off over 3...
  13. Essex Barn Workshop

    What saw to saw a saw?

    These are wonderful and put mine to shame! Can I ask the purpose of the cut outs on top of the knife, are they for the blade safety cover? I don't have one of those either!
  14. Essex Barn Workshop

    What saw to saw a saw?

    Yes this is what I thought, so that led me to choose the blade to cut from as it fitted this formula.
  15. Essex Barn Workshop

    What saw to saw a saw?

    I recently bought a Startrite TA255 but it came without a riving knife, so decided to have a go at making my own from one of the many old blades that it did come with. Not the prettiest or best, but all I had to cut it with was an angle grinder. It works, which is really the only test that...
  16. Essex Barn Workshop

    London Tool fair 29 Feb/1 March

    OK so went today, and if you are thinking of going tomorrow here are my findings. So much better than last year, still heavily weighted towards plumbers and electricians but good stalls from Bosch, Makita, De Walt, Stanley, Weha, Wera, Fischer, Pica and others made it well worth a visit. Show...
  17. Essex Barn Workshop

    Woodworking & craft shows and events…

    I’m going to at Alexandra Palace tomorrow. Went last year and enjoyed it, this year looks to be much bigger.
  18. Essex Barn Workshop

    London Tool fair 29 Feb/1 March

    I went last year and it was ok if a little small, this year they say it is much bigger, and certainly many firms that weren't there last year are going to be there. I'll be there on 29th in my distinctive Essex Barn Workshop jacket, so if you are going do say hello! Admission is less than free...
  19. Essex Barn Workshop

    Battery compatibility

    Just done a quick look at that site, and I'm on Bosch pro. The only adaptor they offer from Bosch is to Ryobi, and that is £24.99 whereas I could buy a genuine 2AH (yes i know, only 2AH but...) Bosch pro battery from Screwfix for £25.90. Of those two options, personally I'd buy the battery.
  20. Essex Barn Workshop

    Dado blade - UNI EN847 COMPLIANT and legal in the EU

    Didn't know of these, bit expensive in the UK (I have found huge variance online, but probably £200 or more) but this video does interest me!