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    Are EV's good value? Apparently not!

    We just bought a second-hand EV with 54k on the clock I have not read all this thread but Battery health is still near 100%. The car is 3 years old and basically as good as new. It's going to save us at least £1000 a year in fuel which is a bonus plus it's just lovely to drive. It was still...
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    Needing a new plane iron for a 5 1/2

    Thank you everyone. I think I will just give the Rider a go. It's not going to break the bank and will undoubtedly do all I need
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    Jointing a Large DIY Oak Tabletop

    One alternative approach to the expansion and shrinkage problem is to glue and seal it with epoxy. The wood would need to be good and dry first 10%-12% max. The epoxy will completely seal the wood so it won't be affected by variations in humidity. You should even go as far as using some sealant...
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    Needing a new plane iron for a 5 1/2

    Hi all. I am in the market for a new plane iron as my old one is worn away. I have not done much woodwork for many years and am completely out of touch as to what is available. I had a quick look on the Axminster site and saw the Rider blade at a fair price and then found a review on here...
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    How would you go about making something like this?

    That's very helpful. "The cutter shape was two arcs flanking a point" do you mean something like this? I am thinking if it's tapered I need a fairly flat arc so it doesn't come to a point and the thin end. Hope that makes sense Trend 7/06X1/4TC Flat ovolo 12mm radius
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    How would you go about making something like this?

    No idea if it's a listed place but I will leave that to the owner and just do what is asked of me. No iron inside as they have now dug out some of the rot and gone almost right through it! They have a builder on site doing other works who will prop things if need be. I do have a lathe but...
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    How would you go about making something like this?

    It's tapered so I think the molding will be tricky
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    How would you go about making something like this?

    That one and this is all I have. He doesn't need an exact replica just something similar as both pillars will get replaced
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    How would you go about making something like this?

    A friend has a Georgian home that has these pillars that are rotting out (around 3m long). He has asked me to help but never made anything like this before and looking for tips on how to go about it. Thanks Beau
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    What is this wood?

    The first piece looks a dead ringer for Imbuia
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    Workshop (aka shed) humidity

    Cut out all the air leaks you can and get a dehumidifier in there. If its an unheated space a desiccant type will work better like the Meaco. As for what humidity it will depend on what you are making. The wood for furniture destined for inside use will require a far lower humidity than making...
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    Which make of glove to wear in the workshop?

    For handling of the rough timber I have taken to these. They have proved very hard wearing with good feel. PU Cut Resistant Gloves Large
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    Tap & Die Set Recommendation Needed

    I have had this set from Tilgear for many years of occasional use. Had it to replace a cheapo set and never been disappointed. Kaliber Tap And Die Set - 32 Piece | Tap & Die Sets | Threading | Threading, Reaming & Drilling | Cutting Tools | Tilgear
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    Recommendations for precision guide bush + sub base + router combination

    Hi Robin. I got a guide bush from Trend and an adaptor from Wealdon to fit my old Elu 177E. Not sure if thats the same as the Dewalt you mention. The holes in the adaptor have no countersink so you can align it with pan head screws. Had to take a touch off the screw heads to keep it flush with...
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    Restoration of outdoor teak bench

    Glue first for sure. Decent PU like Collano Sempatoc or Epoxy like West System will glue teak. Clean any surfaces to be glued with acetone to remove any natural oils on the surface. Linseed will go very dark on outside furniture IME.
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    Is your iMac or Macbook getting long in the tooth ?

    Yep mine is getting tricky to use. Mac Mini (2012) and and its now starting to creak when running Excel in office. Gave Mac a go as I hate the built in disposability of PCs but this Mac has been little better and will go back to PCs next time.
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    What type of wood is this?

    Keruing is my first thought.
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    Door Upgrade

    For my last workshop (a barn which is now our home) I built something pretty much identical to what you drew. Worked really well and the doors have now been repurposed and still in use. For doors I used some quality sawn redwood. It was left to fully dry before machining as so much "kiln dried"...
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    Clamps - Best bang for buck?

    URKO are my goto clamps. They are on the heavy side but are as reassuringly solid as an old record G clamp with the speed of an F clamp
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    I've bought a Woodrat

    Brilliant bit of kit for dovetails and tenons. I was going to post some pictures of my jig for making tenons but its the first post on the facebook link above