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    Bosch PBS 75 Belt sander

    I've just done a quick google for "bosch 2 606 625 906 and came up with this, but there are apparently several possibilities who might have it. Edited to add that I'm happy to assist with sellers in...
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    Bosch PBS 75 Belt sander

    Just search for "Bosch spare parts Bulgaria". One place that pops up is Spareka. There will be more, I'm sure.
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    Quality Disposable Latex Gloves

    Are we still talking about gloves for hands?
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    Near catastrophe with control panel failure on Hyundai Kona Car!

    We have a 2014 Renault Captur auto and have been having issues with the gearbox for a year or so. We've just been told that the gearbox ECU has failed and our local dealer (in France) doesn't know when (or even if) he can get another. We're looking at a bill of 1600€ if the part can be found...
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    Bosch PBS 75 Belt sander

    If you can get the actual part number and Google it you might find Bosch dealers in Bulgaria or Romania pop up. I've had good luck getting older parts from them in the past. Failing that method just Google Bosch Bulgaria - if I remember rightly there are 2.
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    Fire safety/Fire extinguishers - what to buy etc

    I seem to remember that when I worked in a refinery in the Middle East they had to use a special fire fighting foam as the normal stuff was made of pigs' blood (a no-no for Muslims, of course)
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    Suitable but cheap Laser Printer or Alternative Required

    The title of this thread is a bit misleading, isn't it?
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    Cant link body cam wifi to my phone....

    I see that you have solved the problem, but here's a tip that might help somebody else. Most wifi routers nowadays broadcast on 2 frequencies - 2.4 and 5Ghz. Most wifi connected devices (particularly cheaper Chinese ones) will only connect on 2.4. If they "see" 2 frequencies they get...
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    Remember your first....

    One of my first jobs was in the factory of a famous Christmas cracker factory in Norwich. One of my duties was to take supplies (plastic toys, the "riddle papers" and the cracking part) from the stores to the shop floor which was pretty much staffed by "ladies". I was only about 15, but even...
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    Safe disposal of an unusual nail gun

    A long time ago in Kings Lynn I was working on the site where we were building the bypass. Sitting in my portakabin a Hilti nail came through the wall behind me and kept on going past my head and through the wall in front. It had come from an office 2 doors down. Some of the junior engineers...
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    Are EV's good value? Apparently not!

    We have mains pressure hot water with a solar heating system. They are quite common in France. It's just a tank with 2 coils in it. One for the glycol passing through the solar panel and one for a hot water bleed from the log burner/central heating. It also has an immersion heater for cloudy...
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    Deadish Compressor

    They are usually so cheap to replace that I change them as a first step and then go further if that doesn't solve the problem.
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    Deadish Compressor

    Another vote for the capacitor
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    Allen Socket Screws

    Does "top priority" count?
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    Allen Socket Screws

    VIN number
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    When my wife doesn't hear me clearly, it's because I'm "not speaking loudly/clearly enough". When I don't hear her, I'm not "listening properly".
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    Your Cars

    My Bonneville never needed an oil change as it had a total loss oil system
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    Your Cars

    THE Chris Harris?
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    Your Cars

    But at least you could buy spare parts to fix said electrics. Diode rectifiers for alternators on my Capri were in constant demand.