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    Sold Festool DF-700 Domino XL

    Would like to add my name to list (including the above postage quote) if it doesn’t sell please.
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    Need to temporarily shorten a line by a few inches

    I have used an alpine butterfly in the past, great to see what people with more experience use. Always learn a lot here.
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    Dado set

    I have a Freud dado set with a 5/8” bore. I used in three times and have now sold the saw it fitted on, it was pretty useful but that was an 8” set.
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    Braze or solder broken cast iron plane sides?

    I might be alone in this but I think a well brazed repair could look quite cool- it’s part of the plane’s history/function
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    Looking to buy a Wadkin 10AGS Table Saw

    As above, Myfordman is the absolute guru. I'm restoring a Startrite 275DS with a 3hp motor using an inverter. Depending on type you can use the inverter with a suitable add-on for DC injection braking. If you're not using the saw many times in a row the actual "ramp" down speed can be...
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    Huge Brass Foot Pump, The Kismet Duplex Garage

    Lovely! thanks for posting.
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    Pillar Drill snatching wood.

    As touched on above you can actually blunt off the edge slightly will stop it grabbing so aggressively. (in case the drill tip geometry is more suited to metalworking (jobber etc) The spur drill above is the best choice for oak etc as it will score it's way in to hide the density differences
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    I live in Frodsham and I'm sitting here cackling away at that description, many a true word! The so-called 'Golden Triangle' is quite a sight.
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    Cookery Question

    I'm still chuckling at the Felder Zester Mk1. Definitely need one of those on my Christmas list. Completely agree about the gadgets FWIW, in my experience, the Lardons can be strips, it's just fatty bacon. you can brown it but it's 'job' is to render down in the slow cooker adding...
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    Design & Technology in schools

    So what you're saying is I need to get to Devon with a big van? *vulture mode off* No I'm kidding, I would really rather the tools be used by generations of new wannabe craftsmen, engineers and machinists.. We are painfully short of them, and don't seem to be taking any steps to solve it. It's...
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    Deft Table Saw arbor size, and dado sets

    Freud do an 8" dado with a 5/8 bore and the 'Diablo' red coated blades, I have one for my small Xcalibur saw and it gives a fantastic cut.
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    Metalworking Videos, new.

    Thanks for the link, I'm dipping a toe back into Metalworking. your books also look very interesting, I'll order some. Thanks. Stephen
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    HSS Drill bits vs Brad Point Drill bit.

    As above, my experience of brad point is that they are usually spot on. For ordinary twist drills, split point ones usually wander less and drill straighter as you don't have essentially a static point in the middle that needs to compress to clear the hole. That said, if you're using a drill...
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    Call me a nerd if you like...

    Beautiful job. Some people keep posh cutlery in less salubrious surroundings! Stephen
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    Union Graduate rebuild

    Watching this with interest! Love these old machines.
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    Startrite 352 collection and inverter

    In general the original switch would be removed and you use the inverter to control the saw (I guess mostly run and stop, though you could alter the speed of the blade for certain operations) Seconded the view on 'Myfordman' he helped me with my Meddings Drill on another forum and is a renowned...
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    Wadkin CO restoration

    Fabulous work! Stunning.
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    £50+VAT For a scribing tool? Really???

    :mrgreen: You need to get the SC105-SET to get the Systainer, but on the bright side it comes with 9 accessories you will use once before the novelty wears off. (OK Full disclosure, I am a confirmed Festoolholic, but sometimes their prices make my bum wink)
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    Pick me a band saw

    I have the 350S and although I have been very impressed with it (especially with Tuffsaw blade) it's probably going to be sold as I need to buy out my ex. Subjectively though, it's not too heavy to move but has decent heft (about 100kg/220lbs) so you can pick it up unaided. The tensioning...
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    Cracking job! Looks fantastic and should last absolutely years. Great work. Stephen.