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    Punching tool for ferrules

    the ferules on some of my old chisels are just indented slightly, not enough to break through the brass but enough to prevent it coming off. When I re-handled some I just made them really tight and didn't bother denting them, as Cabinetman said.
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    Vehicle batteries

    are you sure there isn't a connection somewhere for charging? I've seen it on some cars. I think from memory my bmw had this as the battery was in the boot but if it was flat you couldn't open the rear door, so there was a connection under the bonnet to attach charging cables etc.
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    Ford Sierra

    I'd guess it is the usual hidden screws behind the door handle and release lever and then either some screws around the edge or hidden push in clips. Even with a proper removal tool I'd imagine they will break as they will be about 30yrs old at the youngest. Was a long time ago when I took one...
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    How would you cut game counters from dowels?

    I was cutting mitres to make a picture frame on my mitre saw a couple of weeks back. Something I noticed was that i got chip out if the workpiece was against the fence but if I put a block on the fence to bring it out I didn't get chip out. I think it was to do with the angle the blade was...
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    Gone in the blink of an eye - employees

    I don't take offense. I have seen for myself It can vary dramatically. I've been in the charity sector since 2004 building websites. The first one I worked for was in the begining very good. We weren't paid much and did the job because we believed in the outcome. We regularly 'punched above our...
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    Car wheel security nut

    does that nut have the correct seat for an alloy? It looks like it has a separate flat washer which would be correct but the bolt might be tapered which would not be the correct pairing.
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    Buying from Europe

    I may well be wrong but according to wiki 'Great Britain' began in 1707 which would make it about 317 years old. The world may be open for trade but it doesn't help if we don't want to buy what they are selling. Most of our fruit and...
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    Buying from Europe

    I'm not really sure what we were expecting. It was a divorce like any other, except for some reason we thought we could leave but would get to keep all of the benefits of being in the marriage without any of the responsibility.
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    Buying from Europe

    I really want the new Alpina root MIPs helmet but it's made in Germany and they won't sell to the UK anymore :(
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    Gone in the blink of an eye - employees

    Its a medium size charity. Not really high pressure or anything. Annoyingly the lady who was my line manager that left was actually pretty good to work with. unless it's me... as they say if you can't see the crazy person on the bus, then maybe you are the crazy person! :unsure:
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    Gone in the blink of an eye - employees

    Is it just where I work or are others finding that people are hired and then leave pretty much instantly. We hired a new line manager that would be in charge of me and after about a week he stopped responding and left for 'personal reasons' (most likely offered more money) So we hired again...
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    How would you cut game counters from dowels?

    This seems pretty sensible to me. although I'd just do one at a time. I'd make a block with the dowel hole through it then cut a line through just past the hole with enough room for the dowel to be pushed across after the blade (but leaving a section behind to keep the 2 pieces together) leaving...
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    Fitting rasp or file to wooden handle

    Agreed. In the case of a drawknife or something where the handle needs to be pulled against, I've most often found the tang continues through the handle and a washer is added and then the tang peened over to hold it securely in place. I'm just replacing some drawknife handles at the moment and...
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    The problem with this is that if someone gets hold of your email password they can just have a search through your emails and see what you have subscribed to/signed up for, and then go and do password resets on each of these. This is the reason for A. having the strongest password you can on...
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    Fitting rasp or file to wooden handle

    I've fitted a fair few handles recently having taken up wood turning in the past few years. If it needs a taper I have just drilled the initial smallish hole full depth then turned the handle and then afterwards just opened the holes out with increasing sized drills, just not going as deep with...
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    Concrete screws- use of -how to.

    I've used these multiple times without issue. Just fitted a new single door frame for my garage. 4 per side and it is rock solid. That was into brick. They are also holding my 1.8m bifold doors and a window frame. Dad and...
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    Selling advice

    After watching numerous episodes of 'money for nothing' the thing that strikes me is how much money they end up making for something that isn't always that good. The trick seems to be to make it unique and sell it to a seller who's market is in affluent areas e.g. London/the cotswolds etc. As...
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    Project management

    I find excel too fiddly to keep things up to date and MS project is too indepth for simple work planning. In between the 2 is MS planner. It's very similar to JIRA or Monday, which are all 'Kanban' type tools You just have tickets for each job and can...
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    Car tax / road fund licence

    doubt it unless they are bored. I followed a police car for miles the other evening and right in front of the police car was a car that had no side light or brake light on the left side and the right hand side was stuck on brake light (so was overly bright continually). The police did nothing...
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    Cars - Form over function

    I guess that makes sense as its much easier to accidentally press the start button whilst leaning over or putting something in the car than to accidentally turn a key in the steering column.