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  1. 1steven

    Newcomer from Ireland

    That's a nice shed, I am in Mayo.
  2. 1steven

  3. 1steven

    What to put on garage workshop worktops?

    Chap on YouTube uses this I believe. Have a look at ‘hooked on wood’
  4. 1steven

    Why is festool so much more expensive here ?

    I can buy a bottle of Highland Park cheaper at Tesco Kirkwall than at the Highland park shop.
  5. 1steven

    Favourite quotes

    Do farts have lumps?
  6. 1steven

    Elf n safety

    When I opened the account it was as a sole trader, that should have given them a clue. Computer says no.
  7. 1steven

    Elf n safety

    Well I will be contacting them on Monday and if they don’t drop the Vat I will be returning them. I pay enough tax into this government without them getting a freebie
  8. 1steven

    Elf n safety

    Thanks will have a look.
  9. 1steven

    Elf n safety

    Just bought a pair of safety boots and have been charged VAT. I thought safety boots/PPE are not charged VAT for your own use?
  10. 1steven

    Joke Thread III

    Lucky he has not got Mick Jaggers lips.
  11. 1steven

    Water sitting in centre of shower tray

    Come across this often as a plumber normally not support correctly or not sitting squarely
  12. 1steven

    Replacement Boilers & Building regs….Sneaky NASTY rule change?

    I remember someone producing some figures recently that it cost them 7% more to have the heating on constantly but they said they felt more comfortable. Sitting in a windy Croft built in 1800 I would like to be comfortable. 🙂 wind today is 60+ mph.
  13. 1steven

    Toilet flushing system

    The top ball valve is a part one BS1212 and is not up to the regulation’s now although you can still buy them?
  14. 1steven

    Domestic Generator

    We have a back up generator it gives us piece of mind that if they grid goes down we can happily tick over for a couple of days. It’s a 3kva which will run the heating (oil) and the fridge and freezer. We have a log burner and gas hob, tried to cover all bases 🙂
  15. 1steven

    Happy Christmas everyone

    Merry Christmas
  16. 1steven

    Domestic Generator

    I have a 3kva petrol generator while it is sufficient for the house during power cuts it will not run the compressor in my workshop. Looking to get a larger diesel one with self start and a link so if the power goes out it will switch automatically. The Hyundai one looks promising But they won’t...
  17. 1steven

    CH Circulation pump (?) fault diagnosis

    Most are fitted to the flow now from the pump into the zone valves etc. Industry standard for energy efficiency.
  18. 1steven

    CH Circulation pump (?) fault diagnosis

    First couple of Wilos caught me out after that first thing to check was the impeller 😁
  19. 1steven

    CH Circulation pump (?) fault diagnosis

    In forty years as a heating engineer never had a Grundfos let go of the impeller. Maybe I was lucky 😁 mostly happened on Wilo ones.
  20. 1steven

    CH Circulation pump (?) fault diagnosis

    These are handy for testing circulating pumps.