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    Selling advice

    As mentioned before, it takes no time to download the free Zettle app which uses your phone as a contactless POS terminal - I think folks are more likely to tap and pay than to want do a bank transfer. Cash is great, but you have to manage it, take a 'float' and deal with change. If you have a...
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    Selling advice

    A few observations, and for clarity I have a few years selling on Etsy; before I moved to a Shopify store I also looked at many other options. It felt like all the easy payment processing outfits will give the option of a simple page to display your products and link to. Some mailing list...
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    Trend Make Domino dowels now! Just found out

    Yep, smaller packs are good if you need a variety of sizes, and also a unique 6x30 tenon. Video was six months ago or thereabouts:- Not Dominos [**Gifted/Ad] [video 544] - Has been pointed out to me that the current packs have a photo of the original 10MW Loose Tenon Jig in use 😂
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    Stanley Compressor

    I had a small Stanley and it was so loud it was almost unusable; the Hyundai is a completely different animal. Owned mine getting on for 3 years now, no reliability issues whatsoever. Recommended.
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    If the OP is prepared to spend Bosch money (and yes, totally worth the extra over eg the Erbauer) then they’re into the ‘top five’ of Makita, DeWalt, Bosch in the middle and Festool and Mafell at the top end, assuming you’re only looking at mains power corded tools. If you throw cordless into...
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    Festool HK55 worth it for a newbie Circular saw??

    *That* guy 🙄 It’s a great little trim saw, but not what the OP needs. 👍
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    Virutex Doweling Machine AB200 TWOO

    Thanks Alvy. Enjoyed the email chat, just to clarify:- This is something that I’m personally curious about, but is a *very* niche product so not I think, of general interest to the 10MW audience overall. Virutex aren’t a well known brand in the UK so other than the novelty value of another...
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    Finish for Farrow and Ball on an MRMDF table top

    The most recent was about painting MDF doors Roy, but the principle’s the same overall. Water-based acrylic primer/undercoat with two coats on the cut edges, denib, then water-based acrylic topcoat of your choice x 2 coats minimum, 3 for preference, and 4 if you have the time / will / energy...
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    Finish for Farrow and Ball on an MRMDF table top

    Hi Gary. I don’t know which platform your son used, but I’m not aware of any ‘reaching out’ in this regard? 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, I think my first question would be what kind of F&B paint finish are you trying to cover eg estate emulsion, modern emulsion, eggshell, satin, interior, exterior etc… and...
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    Parkside cordless plunge saw

    Good to know, thanks. Hadn’t realised you were in Ireland when I replied earlier, they’re still not available here. 👍
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    Parkside cordless plunge saw

    Ooo, 20v planer too! Could be a spendy week. Thank you - I think I’ll be at my local store myself on Monday 4th! 👍
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    What is this new membership at Benchdogs ? Perks and benefits in return for a monthly fee. See also being a V&A Member and a friend of Kew. Or come to that, a member of 10MinuteWorkshop Plus - no clicky as that would be self-serving - but you get the general idea. 👍 edited to add - you clearly...
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    Parkside cordless plunge saw

    If it has the same baseplate as the corded version then no - the anti-tipping lip gets in the way, but this can be stripped off easily. Out of interest, has there been an announcement by Lidl about availability?
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    Time for a change?

    Not sure it’s any tougher than specialising in freestanding furniture and having to compete against the likes of Oak furniture land Doug - part of the job has always been convincing people to buy what you’re selling, at a price they’re prepared to pay that‘s also worthwhile and profitable to...
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    Position of Router Plate and the Mitre track on a MFT Router Table

    It’s 800mm deep rather than the 718mm of a regular MFT/3 Roy, and it was fine before I put the slots in. Completely agree about things falling into the grooves - pencils are especially annoying, and cables can also snag on the edges.
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    Position of Router Plate and the Mitre track on a MFT Router Table

    I have a similar groove/hole setup, and it works well, but the addition of a grid of grooves produced noticeable sagging in the - slightly oversized - MDF top, which then needed bracing from underneath. If you don’t have access to all sides of your bench you‘ll probably need to widen the slots...
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    Alternative to Lamello zeta p2?

    I’ve never used them, but the Lamello Clamex S-20 connector works with any (4mm) biscuit jointer - the fittings screw into the carcass, and you use an allen key to attach/release the fitting. At a couple of quid each they’re not a cheap connector, but cheaper than a Zeta for occasional use, and...
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    Evolution circ. saw with track or Mac plunge saw?

    Whereas pretty much any plunge saw /tracksaw will give you a glue-ready finish right off the blade, in my experience. Horses for courses really - how often are you likely to need to cut through multi materials, or indeed get a glue-ready finish right off the blade? I had the evolution for this...
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    Which Table Saw?

    Just to clarify, I’ve always owned table saws but never really used them, so gave away the one I had. For the general cabinetry I did, and for the modest amount of cutting I required, the tracksaw & MFT were perfect. What prompted me to start looking for a new table saw was the need for very...
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    Khan's ULEZ scam >road charging

    Other way round Jacob; you know everybody who travels in London who says it’s less congested! For the record as someone who’s lived in London for ~45 years the traffic’s worse than ever. I was happy to have a congestion charge for central London, then it became an LEZ covering a wider area, and...