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    Therese a lot of proffesional carvers who use tormeks. Water cooled grinding wheels are brilliant for grinding carving tools and knives free hand since you can use the flow of water to see that you follow the angle of the bevel. For most commercial shops here the time it takes to grind hand...
  2. J


    Just empty the water after you are done grinding. You do understand that a grinding wheel in a water bath is probably one of the oldest form of devices for grinding? There is nothing gewgaw about it.
  3. J

    Marking knives

    I've made marking knives from an almost used up laminated union plane iron found in our summer house. Fun little project.
  4. J

    Fine india inflation? (No this is not a sharpening thread, more a shopping thread.)

    For this purpose it is to much money. If I had no sharpening stones it would be ok. I ususally grind on a tormek, hone (and touch up) on a Loos shale stone and strop with autosol on whatever piece of wood, plywood or mdf i have lying around. My father has a 800 king stone lying around which I...
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    Fine india inflation? (No this is not a sharpening thread, more a shopping thread.)

    We have a summer house in the country side. With all summerhouses come the occasional carpentry. Carpentry is nicer with sharp tools. Sharp tools requires a sharpening stone. Up here the snow is almost gone and I thought it would be nice to have a sharpening stone there so I don't have to bring...
  6. J

    CBM Wheel is this a stupid idea ?

    Sparks and wood dust/ shavings is not a good combination.
  7. J

    The Ghost of Over mantles Past

    I've hade builders home for a couple of weeks now redoing our bathroom and laundry room. It is great to see that drawing on the walls to explain details has a long and proud history!
  8. J

    Oil and rags catching fire you tube video

    Both Selders and Ottosson recommend putting rags in water before throwing them in the bin. You do not need to soak them for an hour. Selders in their videos put the rags in a bucket of water before throwing them in the bin. Ottossons rinse them under a tap before putting them in a plastic bag...
  9. J

    Making Oil Paint.

    Sounds more like Algae than mildew to me. A lot of what people thinks is mildew on their facade is algae, which like you say can easily be cleaned of. I would use a ph-neutral washing up liquid (like Fairy) to clean up. Basic liquids dissolve the fatty acids in the linseed oil.
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    Making Oil Paint.

    We painted our cast iron radiators, external and interior metalwork as well as both interior and external wood with paint from the same can. Which is another great thing with linseed oil paint. You don't need a dozen different paints for painting tour house.
  11. J

    What sandpaper rolls?

    I usually buy Mirka Gold.
  12. J

    Saw sharpening old tenon / dovetail

    I am from the north and therefore terrible at asking for help. But I would very much appreciate help with getting a few nice vintage saws.
  13. J

    Saw sharpening old tenon / dovetail

    I would say its worth the money to have them fixed. 30 pounds for a good saw is cheap. Compare with the cost of an equally good new saw. I am quite envious of the availability of good and rather cheap second hand joinery saws in the UK. Over here joinery saws are very rare. If the shipping isn't...
  14. J

    Red oxide ... as a finish?

    Ochre, umber, tierra di sienna and many reds are iron oxides.
  15. J

    First mitre saw, EVO SMS255+ or Bosch GCM8?

    I have a GCM 8 SJL. It has mostly seen use for renovations. I have been very pleased with it.
  16. J

    Child safe finish

    We basically went from 3 to 4, but then we had read this brilliant book (the original title in swedish is a lot more sensible than the english "Primer for new parents") written by a paeditrician and a bacteriologist who specializes on the immune system and allergies. The way you describe your...
  17. J

    Child safe finish

    Beech doesn't splinter, and that is why it is used for toys and ice cream sticks. I do not see why you would sterilise a babys toy. A side note. In a very large population study about allergies in Sweden researchers asked what parents would do if the baby dropped its pacifier on the...
  18. J

    Child safe finish

    I would stay away from non drying oils. Especially cooking oils as they can go rancid.
  19. J

    Child safe finish

    Raw cold pressed linseed oil from a reputable supplier such as ottosson or allbäck, if you can stand the long time it takes to dry. Another possibility refined oil without any driers added such as Selders, bit I don't know if they have any UK resellers. A third option is bees wax, either as is...
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    Tuff blades seller in EU?

    Kapab in Östersund sell Dakin Flathers blades. Sågblad och klingor för alla | Kapab Their site is in Swedish but they state that they distribute blades to Poland among other countries. You can always ask if they would ship to Slovakia. Just email them at [email protected] and ask. Their prices...