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  1. barnettjacob

    Bosch PBD 40 drill on offer

    I wasn't aware the Scheppach one existed - looks almost identical to the Bosch and at £130 on the Aldi website looks to be a great deal. I was delighted to pick up the Bosch at £188 but now I'm not so sure :).
  2. barnettjacob

    Ferrex Nail Gun

    I have the workzone version which is undoubtedly the same thing and overall it is really good for the money. As mentioned it is heavy and the nail depth setting can be a bit finicky and can slip after a number of actuations. I've also had a couple of blockages of late which requires the...
  3. barnettjacob

    Decking Plan Advice

    Pete, looks great! Can I ask how you fastened the boards down?
  4. barnettjacob

    Bandsaw dust extraction mod.

    Nice! Been planning to do something similar for a while but this is much smarter than what I had in mind. Can also be made from stuff I have lying around which is useful right now. Thanks for sharing.
  5. barnettjacob

    Hermes adhesive film vs 3M lapping films

    +1 for 3M lapping film. I'm currently using 40, 30, 9, 3 and 1 micron all on a single piece of glass from workshop heaven. Each sheet does 4 strips of 70mm wide so a sheet lasts me a while. I'm also using the veritas guide. I've tried the micro finishing version and although it's obviously...
  6. barnettjacob

    Does anyone have a sharpening question?

    No. It was me.
  7. barnettjacob

    Small Router Planes - Sold

    I'll take the veritas. PM on the way.
  8. barnettjacob

    Solidifying / Stiffening New Timber Floor

    Thanks Mike. Was hoping you would chip in! The planning for this was a little haphazard as it was a late change - the spec for the joists did come from the SE. That helps enormously, cheers.
  9. barnettjacob

    Solidifying / Stiffening New Timber Floor

    Hi, I'm a long time lurker and occasional poster. Hope this question isn't too off topic... We're currently in the process of finishing off a lean to extension on the back of the house that will have a floating timber floor and I was hoping to get some opinions on the best way to solidify /...
  10. barnettjacob

    Strange Problem

    Gary, I got your message - I don't have the permissions to reply yet. No problem at all and no payment required. I'll sharpen the blade over the weekend and get it in the post on Tuesday. Jacob
  11. barnettjacob

    Strange Problem

    @garno - I have a Stanley Handyman number 4 you can have, nothing special but it would do a job. DM me your address and I'll stick it in the post.
  12. barnettjacob

    Where can I find cheap 18mm plywood

    I noticed you are from Stockport. Out of interest which timber merchant would you recommend? Cheers.