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    Table saw for built-in workbench

    I'm planning to build a workbench on castors for my garage to incorporate a table. I'm only a hobbyist so do not need anything too high-end, but would require: - Fully retractable blade (for a full-flat worktop) - Ideally no dust-hose out the back so I can push through longish sheets of wood...
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    Wearing in a new plane

    I bought an entry-level plane for a carpentry course I was on (now cancelled because of CV19) and the instructor mentioned about having to "wear in a new plane" as the blade will be too sharp from the factory to be any use, and the little bit of planing I have done, it does just cut chunks...
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    Insulating rented garage

    I rent a house with a decent-sized, triangle-roofed garage. I'll be in the property for another 3 years so happy to make some semi-permanent changes. The main issue at the moment is the gap at the bottom and sides of the up/over door which is creating mould inside. I mostly use the garage as a...