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    endoscope recommendations

    I bought something that looked very similar to the above, preferred the device to have its own screen rather than rely on a wifi connection while I has head and shoulders down in a manhole pushing the device down the drain. One I bought had a lens looking forward and a sideways looking one too...
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    Bike maintenance

    I've seen bike stands advertised at Aldi periodically but you'd have to wait for them to come up again.
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    EPDM roofing

    I found installing it pleasantly straightforward. Getting the membrane up the ladder singlehanded was a challenge. I was lucky with the weather but despite leaving the membrane flat to relax, I still had a small ridge where it had been folded. Research your supplier. Although I paid extra for...
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    True, my plug in power meter arrived the other day so I know that frozen fish and roast veg for two (cooked for 18mins in my Vortex 1700W air fryer) cost just 12p at current 😜 rates, maybe 20p when we're paying 50p per unit.
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    What ideas have you had for reducing Electricity consumption

    Hi Brian, I bought an Instant Vortex Plus air fryer after reading a lot of reviews and think it's great. It gets used almost every day, the oven is only rarely used now, should have got one years ago but got misled by the "fryer" part, we use it as a replacement for the grill and roasting that...
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    Hello from wales

    Welcome from Powys.
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    Curling end of flat bar? The Clarke Parts Bender is very versatile and gives lots of leverage. You do need a certain amount of free space around it, not something I have much of in my shed, a sliding block puzzle approach is required.
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    Curling end of flat bar?

    +1 for the above I've tried two round bars in a vise with some success. If you have an anvil, look for 'bending forks' online, they fit in the Hardy hole (or could be clamped in a vise).
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    FedEx - the most spectacularly incompetent carrier of them all !

    Adding insult to injury, my premium rate, 'overnight' delivery arrived after 72hrs and was left like this for me to discover by DX couriers. It seems the 'This way up' sticker wasn't obvious enough 🤣🤣🤣🤣. The adhesive tins were bashed about and, going by the marks on the box, it had been on its...
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    Compressor tyre inflators

    Looks like you've found your solution, this may help others. I bought a "tyre valve extender" for a few quid off the Internet and connect my inflator to that, it would avoid the hassle and expense of damaging your valve. Jester129 £88!! ☹️ I feel your pain. I have the Draper hand held inflator...
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    Arc or Mig welding, very confusing!

    Another +1 for the welding forum, also covers arc welding, lots of good advice for beginners on techniques, equipment etc, definitely well worth looking at.
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    Dust mask - spectacle wearers advice please

    I wear these from Screwfix with an Elipse half-mask ... gles/36877 Very comfortable over my glasses, they don't mist up and they give all-round protection. I've read too many accounts recently of eye injuries caused by small metal particles bouncing...
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    Small box

    A classy piece of work!
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    Yoyo s

    I would think making a segmented blank from contrasting woods would produce very attractive finished yoyo.
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    Back at it again

    Nice work indeed, I'm inspired to go and spin up my lathe, not that my work approaches this though.
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    Weekly Discussion Topic - Week 3 - Christmas

    Many thanks Dalboy, now I can drop some hints about pre-Christmas presents. Need to get cracking in the shed if they're to make it onto the tree for this year.
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    Weekly Discussion Topic - Week 3 - Christmas

    Totally inspired by all these pictures. Particularly liking the metallic bird boxes Dalboy. I've just spent a unsuccessful half-hour on Google so now I have to ask, who produces the metallic finishes and any tips on application please?
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    If I wanted to learn Blacksmithing, where do I start?

    Wondering how you're getting on Rhyolith, I'm on a similar journey and not too far away from you I think. I spent a very useful day with Spike, a Llanbrynmair based blacksmith, making a variety of objects, picking up basic blacksmithing skills. Went back for a half-day of welding tuition, I can...
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    biodegradable metal

    What about leather hinges? Pegs/dowels and animal glue (maybe biscuits) to join the boards? Good luck
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    Home made blank drying kiln

    I've been thinking about using a home-brew heating jacket for a gentle background heat, they're designed for long term use, 240v and I think are thermostatically controlled. Down side is they're expensive but I find filament bulbs fail quite soon when left on for 12hrs at a time. I'm also...