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  1. ilovelizlemon

    Sold Lost Art Press Collection

    And I in the Joiner and Cabinetmaker
  2. ilovelizlemon

    Woodwork Bench Build (Using Only Hand Tools) - Progress

    Looks great! Fond memories of doing this myself, I ended up fitting a new vice but I've since acquired a lovely old Record 52 1/2 but also needs a really good clean up not sure where to start with it to be honest
  3. ilovelizlemon

    For Sale Book Clear-out 6 of 9

    Thanks sorry for late reply I've sent payment across 👍
  4. ilovelizlemon

    For Sale Book Clear-out 6 of 9

    May I have The Anarchist's Tool Chest - Christopher Schwarz -- £22. If at all possible please? Many thanks