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    bb king

    Love it and a legend never dies....
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    Advice on which Hegner to get

    Hegner multicut Quick - very rarely appear on eBay, buy if your not in a rush wait a bit and you may grab a bargin. I have two second hand units and the 1st one I purchased over a year a go, and for the past 6mths have used it daily for 8hrs plus. And other than me knocking it over on its the...
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    Shutting the door once the horse has bolted... security tips

    Difficult to say what really needs to be done, CCTV - IP based system is fantastic, but a pro-thief will spot them and cover up. I look at it like this, they broke in stole some items which will be replaced, and didn't get into your home and cause more pain and stress. I would look at the...
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    New Hegner, Workshop Tidy Up & Extraction

    Pete G - I like what you have done ref the hopper. Have a look at my setup. I bought the and inserted a piece of aluminium (great for stopping things disappearing into the extractor) I had previously purchased elsewhere, which is gaffer tapped...
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    New Hegner, Workshop Tidy Up & Extraction

    Pete - where in Manchester do you live, I have 6 bags of sawdust/off cuts. Also what night is your lads night out, so I can empty them carefully around your workshop. As I know, what your really want now is that workshop look, like the rest of us have. I am of course joking and WOW - Wish I...
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    Can fellow scrollers have a look at my post in the wanted

    Followed this up today, Axminster Tension Rod £4.00 plus P&P - Currently out of stock,. so I have ordered two., Hegner tension Rod £42.00 :evil: I am soooooo tempted to buy one from Hegner also and then get them both stress tested. Cheers again Geoff - top man
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    Can fellow scrollers have a look at my post in the wanted

    Ahhh Brilliant idea Geoff Many thanks
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    Can fellow scrollers have a look at my post in the wanted

    I need a Tension Rod Assembly for my Hegner and was wondering if anyone had a spare they are willing to sell. Sry to admins for the double post :wink:
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    Which scroll saw to buy?

    I have had blades snap, with a loud bang, and now for the past 6mths use my saw every day (weekends included) 12 hrs a do and my say is already 12 years old. All I can recommend is drop some oil at the bearing points. Machine grease tubes from eBay or Screwfix is a great choice, but I prefer to...
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    For dog lovers

    Iroko - I have quite a length of this in 30mm thick, and as of yet not found the time, but mine seems darker and its very oily and also seems that the grain is very - how can I say it easy to get splinters from. Geoff can I call on your experience to help guide me to the future use of such a...
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    live, laugh, love

    Steve - very nicely done, seen the style before, but never tried it myself, the Oak Veneered MDF I have also used and even have some pre-glued oak strips., for edging. Maybe when I get time (heaven forbid) will try a doing like you have Cannot remember who it was, maybe Chippygeoff who used...
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    Book update 2

    Well done Geoff. Will grab a copy on my BBC micro asap, I mean my iPad
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    jimi hendrix

    Lovely work Bob
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    What name

    Scrollsaws - from basic & how to make a little extra Scrollsaws - The Basics & how to profit Scrollsaw Techniques - The Basic & how to setup to sell ! UK Scrollaw Guide (with or without the UK) - Beginners to money makers
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    Which scroll saw to buy?

    Blades being posted out tomorrow, sorry have not been well this week DRM
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    What name

    Scrollsaws - How to profit from your hobby Scrollsaw - the hobby to profit guide Scrolling - Selling a Hobby
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    Which scroll saw to buy?

    DRM - pm me your a postal address and I will send you FOC a selection of blades for you.
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    Beautiful ! Well done
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    Only 300 more cuts to go

    That is amazing, I love it ! +1 for Saint Col, for your patience - well done.
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    Removing a paper pattern from the cut piece

    I also use the same technique as Bodgerbaz