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    Need a new scroll saw

    I replaced the little pin which sheared off, but I haven't needed to do anything more than that. The router bit bearing idea sounds excellent.
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    Need a new scroll saw

    By "fiddly blade change" I mean that it is slower when you have to do a lot of internal cuts, which is what the OP was asking about. This is improved with a Hegner-style thumb-wheel, as I said. I have used the Axminster for many years now and it is still going strong, and I wouldn't be parted...
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    Need a new scroll saw

    Axminster's Hegner clone has a fiddly blade change until you buy Hegner-style clamps for it (Hegner's are compatible), at which point the blade change is much improved. I suppose otherwise the saws formerly known as Excalibur, now sold by Axminster, are your best bet if you don't want to fork...
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    Sourcing Blades for Scroll Saws and Jewellers, Piercing, Coping, & Junior Hack Saws

    FD blades are manufactured by Niqua, yes, but they are very different from the Niqua "Yellow Label" blades sold by Hobbies. As you say, Niqua do a huge range of blades, of which Hobbies in the UK only sell one 'marque'.
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    worx 20 volt drill

    I use a Worx for drilling mostly softwood. I like the ease of use and the batteries give plenty of juice. The chuck does work loose easily so I am used to tightening it up after each hole is drilled. Convenient for light work, wouldn't want to use it to drill concrete or steel.
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    Mitre box

    I do like the bench hook idea. Kind of lateral thinking and very simple. And you can set it up with whatever angles you need.
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    Mitre box

    It's mostly 90 degree straight cuts for butt joints but also mitres. The project at hand is just model railway baseboards but I'd do more work with angles if I didn't hate the plastic box so much!
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    Mitre box

    Thanks for all the advice. I have to admit I didn't somehow didn't think of Amazon! The bench hook method seems very sensible as does the Sellars video - he makes everything seem so simple.
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    Mitre box

    I am fed up with my cheap Stanley plastic mitre box. It is OK for the basic stuff I do with it but it makes a horrible scraping sound against the bench top and I don't trust it with clamps. What recommendations do workshoppers have for mitre boxes and is it sensible simply to make one by hand...
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    Meccano scroll saw

    Four years late, I know, but that's my Meccano fretsaw - I built the first version, oh, about ten years ago now, while waiting for an auction for a Diamond scrollsaw to come around. I failed to secure the Diamond so I bought an AWFS18 instead. Since then I have toured the Meccano saw at many...
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    Sip 01928

    Don't worry, nearly everybody gets rid of the guard! Once you get some top quality blades you'll be even more pleased.
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    Black and Decker KW900EKA router

    The Black and Decker KW900EKA seems to be heavily discounted at the moment - Big Red Toolbox has it for £46, for example. I need a (first) router primarily for box-making - rebates, grooving, roundovers and possibly cutting circular workpieces (for jigsaw puzzles). Is this a good buy or are...
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    Fretsaw Scrollsaw ?

    It's when people call it a jig saw that it gets really irritating...
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    hobbies blades

    Yes, the Hobbies yellow label blades are by Niqua. Examining the teeth under a lens, the Hobbies blade teeth are slightly less regular in profile than, for example, Flying Dutchman. I find that leads to a less aggressive cut, which is useful especially when cutting very light materials. So I...
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    Excalibur 21

    You may well be right, Gill. I have done all the maths on the workpiece and the prospect is extremely daunting. I'd need stands on either side of the table, for a start, to support the workpiece and these would probably have to be custom made as well. It's a jigsaw puzzle project, of course...
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    Excalibur 21

    I add my vote to the AWSF18 which has given me very little trouble for several years now. Very solid and smooth and rugged. I may have the chance to get hold of an EX30 some time this year for a project that needs the 30" throat, but that's the main reason I'd switch, just to have that extra...
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    Which Scroll Saw

    Mine was bought for a hobby too. But if your hobby is something you do for hours at a time, or day after day, as you might if it was your trade, then you need a more rugged build quality than if you only use the tool occasionally when you have the need or feel the urge. I don't know of any...
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    Which Scroll Saw

    All saws cut on a bias because the blades have a natural bias due to the way they are produced. You have to learn to compensate. However, if the saw has a lot of vibration and the arms are not perfectly in alignment it will make it more difficult to compensate. More expensive machines are...
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    Fretsaw novice in need of advice.

    If it is a sharp corner you're turning, the turn is easier if you go past first and then back the blade up a little. Of course you cannot always do this, but I always try to back up very slightly anyway - disengaging the teeth from the cut, and taking the pressure completely off the blade -...
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    Acrylic paint finish advice please

    You might want to check on child-friendly paint and finishes in France: especially if your grand-daughter or any brothers and sisters are young enough to put puzzle pieces in their mouth.