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  1. carlb40

    Baltic birch plywood for furniture in Midlands.

    There is Davies Timber, Johnsons Timber, Barlows boards, Great barr sawmills, Simon bateman ( expensive even before the prices went up), HM lowe, Bates timber, Avon timber, Timberworld ( Arnold laver) - currently the cheapest by far. Those are all of the ones i know stock birch ply in the midlands.
  2. carlb40

    Fox F50-842

    Kendal tools and machinery have this in the specs - Bag Diameter 50cm
  3. carlb40

    magnetic bit holders

    The best magnetic holder i have used so far is the festool one. ... 5aedb05655 ... 25710f673e The magnet is good, however the holder itself really holds the standard 25mm screwdriver bits very well. None of the...
  4. carlb40

    nail guns / nail angle question;

    There are only a few angles used in the guns. All the framing guns use the same type. Pretty much the same for 15/ 16 ga nail guns 18ga and above are straight. The cordless framing nailers are interchangable between companies. So paslode nails will fit hitachi/ dewalt etc The one you have to...
  5. carlb40

    Kity 613 Problems

    You wont get it to work. The smallest blade for a 613 is 1/4" or 6mm according to the specs.
  6. carlb40

    Can a burnt out drill be repaired

    If its brushes or a motor they can be replaced. Check with your nearest repair place and get a quote. But it might be quicker and cheaper just to buy a new drill body.
  7. carlb40

    Air Coil Nailer compressor driven

    If i didn't already have Porter cable air nail guns, Bostitch would be my top choice. :)
  8. carlb40

    Replacement kitchen cabinet door query

    What i would do is carefully cut or router out the back of the door enough to get the panel out. Either repair or make a new panel, refit with a flat bead on the inside. :)
  9. carlb40

    Air Coil Nailer compressor driven

    What is the intended use? I have a porter cable coil nailer that takes up 3.5 inches. With a coil of nails - pretty sure it was 200 nails at a time, it was extremely heavy. Personally a normal stick nailer would be easier / lighter to use.
  10. carlb40

    Replacement kitchen cabinet door query

    You could try searching ebay for one, you may get lucky. ;)
  11. carlb40

    Recommend a courier.

    I use city link and not had an issue so far. Ordered a pair of work trousers a week or so ago and they used interlink and my parcel had been opened to see what was inside. :evil:
  12. carlb40

    Has ebay been down today ?

    Yep that was posted hours after many people rang up to complain only to be told there was nothing wrong with ebay uk #-o
  13. carlb40

    Contact via PM query

    Also if it's a newbie they need 3 posts before they can pm.
  14. carlb40


    Yes upload to photobucket as normal. Then when choosing a pic, just choose one of the options i mentioned above to copy/ paste into a thread. :)
  15. carlb40


    Or you could use photobucket or similar - you don't need to resize then. When uploaded to photobucket you just choose either direct or img code and paste into your thread :)
  16. carlb40

    Workshop Floor Repair

    12 inch centres will be more than enough, especially as you have a concrete base. My timber floor has 6x2 timbers with 18mm ply and i have 2 cast iron machines plus other stuff and in nearly 10yrs now i think have had no sag or bounce. :)
  17. carlb40

    What kit do I need to sharpen my own table saw & ts55 blades

    TBH at the price of festool blades and other good quality ones i would send them out to be done properly. The only thing that worries me with that, apart from safety is making sure you take the same amount off each tooth to keep the balance etc.
  18. carlb40

    Suspended Joist floor...Which Grade Plywood for sub-floor?

    I would do the same as Mark. Adding a ply/ chipboard subfloor would as Mark suggest need a threshold detail sorting, plus trimming of doors and raising the skirting board to suit the ply plus new floor. Also i'm not sure a retrofitted vapour barrier will help much as they are normally used...
  19. carlb40

    New Mistery Veritas Stuff: Custom Bevel Down Planes

    Thats not bad. Here in the uk its anything over £15 then we get charged VAT and import duty. :(
  20. carlb40

    Recommendations for a small router

    Makita, bosch and dewalt all make a trim router with plunge base and adjustable fence. Personally for me it would be between makita/ bosch as the dewalt isnt too far off the 1010 price.