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  1. dkaardal

    Anyone have a mill and looking for cutters

    I'm also interested - I've got a new (to me) mill in my shop with 1 cutter to my name. I've got holders for pretty much anything, just nothing to put in 'em.
  2. dkaardal

    Dado Arbor

    Well, coming from Canada I've used dado blades quite a lot on my table saw and I don't find them fiddly, particularly dangerous, or any of that. I've got a couple of sets - a Freud that came with my latest saw (looks like it was imported), and the S&S set. Both are great, both are just...
  3. dkaardal

    New Table Saw or New Fence System

    PM Sent. I'm just near Newbury, Berkshire. There's a pallet shipping company right next to where I work though, so I could get it palletted up and shipped to you if that's easier. Their prices are pretty good. Regards, Donovan
  4. dkaardal

    New Table Saw or New Fence System

    Not sure if you're interested, but I've got two table saws that I've been meaning to post in the for sale forums. One is a Wadkin AGS10 and the other one is an unbranded american style saw (The fellow I bought it from said it was an Axminster saw, but it looks like a Jet JTAS-10 to me). Both...
  5. dkaardal

    Lots of Books (First Lot)

    If they're available, I'd be more then happy to take these ones off your hands: Period Furniture Details – Lonnie Bird £6 Furniture Designs, Dated 1950 £8 Practical Home Woodworking (Illustrated), dated 1954 £8 Cabinetmaking, A Foundation Course – John Bullar £6 The Bandsaw Book – Lonnie Bird £6
  6. dkaardal

    Remote controlled chip extractor

    I have a similar dust collector and I wired it for remote start without any real problems using the old forum posts. I bought a DOL starter and replaced the NVR switch. That allowed me to buy a cheap 2 channel remote switrch off amazon (the name was eMylo 10A AC 220V-230V-240V 1000W 2 Channel...
  7. dkaardal

    Can anyone ID this tablesaw? Maybe an early DEFT?

    Thanks for the reply - I'm counting on it being one of the generic Unisaw clones, and as long as that's the case then I'll be very happy with it, even if I have to do more to it then just replace the magnetic starter. I was looking at the Xcalibur saws earlier in the year, but when I went to...
  8. dkaardal

    Can anyone ID this tablesaw? Maybe an early DEFT?

    I've been looking for a cabinet saw similar to the 10", 3hp Harvey/Deft/Xcalibur machines that you used to be able to buy - Axminster is going to be selling their own branded Harvey by the end of the year, but I'm not confident I'm going to like the prices very much. In any case, I did come...
  9. dkaardal

    iTech 01332 10", 3hp table saw -SOLD

    now sold :)
  10. dkaardal

    Jet 16-32 Plus drum sander -SOLD

    Sander is now sold and off to it's new home!
  11. dkaardal

    iTech 01332 10", 3hp table saw -SOLD

    The saw is sold, pending payment.
  12. dkaardal

    iTech 01332 10", 3hp table saw -SOLD

    I just realised that the mitre gauge and secondary fence were not in those pictures. I do have them, and they are included in the sale of the saw!
  13. dkaardal

    Jet 16-32 Plus drum sander -SOLD

    Up for sale is my Jet 16-32 Plus drum sander. I bought this for a project where I needed to do a bunch of bent laminations for railings around a cot bed. It worked perfectly for that project, but sadly I've not used it since. I've got a couple of extra rolls of sandpaper for the machine which...
  14. dkaardal

    iTech 01332 10", 3hp table saw -SOLD

    Finally getting around to selling off a few of my unused machines. First up, an iTech 10" (254mm) 3hp (2200kw) table saw which I bought new from Scott Sargeant. As I understand it, this is the same saw/design as the SIP 01332, and I believe Axminster had it's own version as well (AW10?) I...
  15. dkaardal

    Can you make laminated curves from hardwood?

    I used bent laminations on one project and it worked out quite well. I started with a thick board and cut it into 4mm strips, making sure to note the order of each of the strips. I did lightly sand the strips before the glue-up, but I think I ended up using 9 strips to make the rails on the...
  16. dkaardal

    Wadkin AGS10 restoration

    Yeah, that price isn't very nice. The old Wadkin AGS10 that I picked up had a very worn worm gear for the rise-and-fall mechanism, and after considering a few options I decided to swap the gear for the one on the blade tilt mechanism. That one was practically mint, and the left tilt doesn't get...
  17. dkaardal

    King 15” Thicknesser

    If you mean the old 4-post version from King Canada (or King Industrial), it's just one of the many generic 4-post planers that came out of Taiwan. I personally like that style of planer, having owned a Craftex version when I lived in Canada and I now have an old Axminster one. Old enough that...
  18. dkaardal

    Sound containment in workshop

    Have you checked how loud the sound is outside of your shop? You could go the easy route and ask a friend to walk around your property while your carving away and give you feedback - though a better way is if you know someone who you'd trust with your tools and have them carve in your shop while...
  19. dkaardal

    Cove cutting

    We learned to do this when I was in high school back in Canada. Making your own jig is quite simple, but cutting the cove is a little time consuming. You don't cut it all in one pass, or the cove doesn't end up smooth. You can either start in the middle of your desired cove, run it through the...
  20. dkaardal

    Acrylic sheets

    I've bought from and from the plastic shop has been handy when I wanted to get a sampling of A4 sized sheets of different thicknesses - they have a clearance section that I've found quite useful over the...