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    Newcomer from Ireland

    Price was very good but choice was limited.
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    Another table saw thread buying question - Dewalt v Evolution Rage...?

    I have the dw7492. It's brilliant, fence is the best part. Cuts are accurate. I would recommend. I use it for segmented woodturning.
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    Newcomer from Ireland

    Welcome to the forum, I'm also living in Athboy. Workshop looks nice. Good to see another woodturner.
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    Hardened wood glue removal

    I am just using the acetone on the clamps. Any excess glue on the wood I use a chisel to remove.
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    Hardened wood glue removal

    I use acetone to remove glue off my clamps. My clamps are too large for me to be able to soak in acetone so I use a scrubbing brush with the acetone to get the glue off. Ideally they need a soak but the acetone works with scrubbing if needs must. Totebond leaves black stains on my clamps but the...
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    Thinking of getting a Makita 2704... Or is there better for the money?

    I got the dewalt 7492. Like yourself I wanted the sawstop but I wanted an incra miter fence and only the American sawstop had the t slot size I wanted. I'm very happy with the dewalt. The fence is perfectly parallel to the blade. There is no slot that the blade clicks into at 90 and 45 and I had...
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    Record BS400 ball bearing guides?

    Did you end up going ahead with your BS400 upgrade? I'd like to upgrade my own.
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    Work Gloves Needed

    We use the Ejendals touchscreen gloves in work Ejendals glove They are not cheap but there are cheaper brands out there who also make touchscreen gloves. Other option is to cut the tips of the fingers off your normal gloves.
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    Lots of hot air

    The very first post says that "the UK is not a large contributor to greenhouse gases". This is not true. The UK is responsible for 1.1% of greenhouse emissions and only has 0.87% of the population. 17th largest emissions in the world. I do believe we can make a difference to greenhouse...
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    Miterset for Segmenting

    looks interesting and worth a punt. I too have a Dewalt DWE7492 and have just bought a incra mitre1000HD to try and get accurate wedgies. Currently with DHL from Germany but maybe i'll get it monday.