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    Mirrored panelled wardrobe doors

    Hi All, I am building some wardrobe doors from Poplar/Tulipwood approx 2200 x 500mm. Each door Will have four panels. The doors will be painted. The rails and stiles are 80mm by 20mm stock (3" by 3/4"). I want to use mirrors for the panels and was wondering if anyone had experience of doing...
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    Made a jack plane

    Very nice, looks like a good solid plane, some nice detailing too. DT
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    FINISHED.New pics. Media/library unit,floor,sashes,panelling

    Very nice, please can you tell me what thickness of MDF you used on the walls? Please can you also tell me if you took the skirting off and re-fixed it on top of the MDF? Thanks, DT
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    Go create

    Very funny
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    Wooden camping boxes.

    Very nice, more campaign than camping I'd say. DT
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    Look up Matt's Basement Workshop an American podcast (with video), he may have a website also. He made some lampshades within the past few months. I cannot recall whether it was particularly insightful; but, may be a good place to start. Regards, DT
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    Adding lights to a display case

    Or recessed spotlights in the top. Two 12v fittings in each cabinet works well.
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    What am I doing wrong?

    I saw Rob Cosman and he said that he used to do a practice row of dovetails every day. Personally I find if I relax and just get on with it that I get best results. I aim to saw exactly to the line so no clean up is necessary. DT
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    Loft Boarding

    Hi, I am about to board out some of my loft; but, there are a few lengths of timber in the way. Two lengths run perpendicularly across all joists. These lengths have posts supporting purlins, so I'm guessing that I cannot do anything about these. The other lengths are maybe 4ft in length...
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    Roubo Workbench Build

    Very nice. Looks very professionally made. DT
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    Absolute best materials for workbenches?

    +1 for Paul Sellers. Excellent video series and he uses wood from B&Q (not great). What I took from his design is that if you make the top thick and laminated it should stay relatively flat; but, he probably wouldn't think twice about flattening it periodically either. DT
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    New Hobbyist where to start

    Welcome aboard, you will find that many people start the same way as you (I did). I started with power tools and DIY and have moved towards hand tools and furniture making. I have a real mixture of tools, some expensive some not, I have regretted some that I bought in both categories. I suggest...
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    Built-ins - skirting/plinth and rail/stile width

    Thanks for all the advice. I've hurt my head trying to figure out what to do. I'm going to try and go with 40mm rails and stiles on the doors; one will be 1400mm by 400mm and glazed, so I'm most nervous about that at the moment. I'm hoping the glass with a bead of silicone will give it enough...
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    Built-ins - skirting/plinth and rail/stile width

    Hi all, I have a couple of design questions that I'm struggling with. I am building a pair of cabinets in alcoves, 900mm high closed cupboards on the bottom and 1100mm glazed units above them. The alcoves are 900mm wide. The cabinets will be painted. Is there a rule of thumb for how to do...
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    River coffee table

    Very nice
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    Adjusting a Scheppach TS250

    Brilliant suggestions, thanks lads! DT
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    Adjusting a Scheppach TS250

    Hi, My table saw has a blade alignment issue, about 0.2mm further away from the mitre slot at the back of the blade compared to the front. I'm making some mitred photo frames at the moment, so am trying to get the set up spot on. I have moved the table sections and the trunnions; but there is...
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    Experience opportunity required by ex military joiner

    Hi, Best wishes. You could try doing a bit of charity work to see if that generates any leads. My experience as a customer is that a recommended honourable person is almost more valuable than experience. A busy working customer wants someone who turns up on time and does exactly what was...
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    Keyhole fixings

    You should get them in B&Q or Homebase. Online try "Keyhole Hanger" and you'll get some results. Failing that try an old fashioned hardware store. DT
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    A nice relaxing viewing for those spare moments.

    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed that. It was well executed, by hand, with B&Q wood, and without the best tools. Good honest working. DT