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    BA Threads

    zeus charts - always the first place to go to when you need info on threads.
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    For Sale Axminster Ring Centres

    hi scooby i would like to buy these from you how would i pay you cheers paul
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    My latest jig creation

    wow - that is really impressive.(y) great explanations on the videos , thanks for sharing. cheers paul
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    First attempt at rope and barley twist

    nicely done Fred open twists as well - Ray jones a production turner friend who teaches says he always advises students not to do these, but those who do attempt it only ever do one of them :)
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    Nearly put this in the joke thread

    borrowed from elsewhere The bicycle is the slow death of the planet. General Director of Euro Exim Bank Ltd. got economists thinking when he said: “A cyclist is a disaster for the country’s economy: he does not buy cars and does not borrow money to buy. He does not pay for insurance...
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    Question for Scheppach Basa 3 users

    sorry but can i ask has anyone upgraded the blade guides on this machine as mine vibrate loose quite often no matter how tight i seem to tighten the locking rings , admitedly i suffer from rheumatoid arthrites so probably cant tighten as tight as others may be able to. however i would much...
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    For Sale Startrite Mercury 2 spares

    hi is the motor single phase and is it still available ,also whereabout are you?
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    me too Jacob
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    Hello from Alan in Aylesbury

    Hi and welcome
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    another ebay chancer

    i was in the warrington axminster store on thursday and as i entered right next to the door was a full pallet of those rare catalogues so as i picked one up it did cross my mind we should all list them just slightly cheaper than him , but then i thought i dont want to give axminster any ideas...
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    hi looks a bit iffy to me. just looked at the section Mowers & Outdoor Power Tools and it looks as though every third or fourth item is £71-31 which in itself would be enough to raise my suspicions.
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    another ebay chancer

    a short while ago i saw someone selling last years ( i think) axminster catalogue for a tenner but this one is taking the proverbial for this years free axminster catalogue Huge Axminster Tools Catalogue 2020 2021 403 Pages Bosch Festool Saws Drills etc | eBay
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    hi i bet that smile made all the work well worth it 😁
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    hi all i have always thought that whatever you buy , service you receive etc at some point something will go wrong at some point. it is how good the company then deals with your complaint that ,for me anyway ,decides if they are a good company to deal with. the op has had this happen and had it...
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    Hullo All...

    hi sbd dare we ask what sbd stands for. i have worked with some guys where sbd ( silent but deadly ) was a way of them emptying the workshop.🤢 there is definately a good bunch of very helpfull people here. cheers paul
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    Thread adapter for mini chuck queries.

    hi i miss read that. sorry. on my axminster chucks i have a set of wood jaws which i can just turn an opening to whatever size i need ( when standard jaws are not suitable.) essentially a bit like a jam chuck. would this possibly be an option - i realise the downside is that would mean...
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    Thread adapter for mini chuck queries.

    hi sachakins would something like this not be a suitable solution that could just fit into any chuck Stainless steel expanding ring mandrel S-Z+3 (USA 9-14) & Ring Cores PLEASE READ | eBay cheers paul
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    Axminster SK114 chuck thread

    hi mini lathe would it not be better to have an adaptor made to go from your lathe thread to the chuck thread. that is the common way of doing it and you can sell the chuck on if you wanted to , or get an extra chuck etc. cheers paul
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    Boxes galore

    wow they look fantastic Linus - can definitely see the Chas influence - love the pattern in the lid and the plate. cheers paul