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    Withdrawn Job Lot. Metabo HC 260 PT, Scheppach TS2000, Axi Morticer

    I'd be interested in the planer if you decide to split. cheers
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    Viceroy Sharpedge Oil issue

    yea it does have a bit of a wobble on it but I don't think they have a budget for anything that isn't seen as absolutley essential. There is enough running true for chisels to get worked on, I'll sort out the few planes they have by hand but to be honest I don't think they would ever see any...
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    Viceroy Sharpedge Oil issue

    Thanks for the reply Nev. It's a bit of a mystery what happened to the cam then, the pump lever is free and fine so I don't really know how it would have worn down so dramatically, maybe someone has been messing around with it in the past and its been taken off and lost. I'm hoping someone pipes...
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    Viceroy Sharpedge Oil issue

    Hi Folks, Apologies if this is in the wrong section. I'm doing a bit of work for a school at the moment in exchange for taking some big heavy dangerous toys off their hands, one of the jobs I've tasked myself with is sorting out the Viceroy Sharpedge they have hidden in a store room so that...