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  1. timwhatley

    What hardware do I need?

    I have been working on a shoe cabinet for a while now, and I'm now at the point where I need to source the hardware. The idea is that each shelf will have a fold down front, hinged at the bottom. My plan has been to use full length piano hinge, with some sort of good quality brass...
  2. timwhatley

    Drawer divider joint

    Thanks for the input everyone, and Derek I have made a lot of use of your website for this and previous projects! The cabinet has been glued up, so I thought there may be some interest in a follow up to what I ended up doing. At the back I used a sliding tapered dovetail to lock into the top -...
  3. timwhatley

    Drawer divider joint

    Thanks all. Jacob, that certainly seems like the simplest option - I could chisel out a short mortise in the top to save sawing a full depth housing, with a pocket hole screw hidden behind to secure it. Stopped dovetail housing on the top makes sense to me - and for the bottom, I could still...
  4. timwhatley

    Drawer divider joint

    I'm building a cabinet for my hall, and I've run into a dilemma that I could use some more experienced advice on. The case is solid cherry, with mitred dovetails on the corners and an inward facing bevel on the front edge. The bottom three full width spaces have solid panel divider, as they...
  5. timwhatley

    Joining the base to a frame and panel cabinet?

    Hello, I'm building a frame and panel cabinet - and it's the first one I've done which has a base. Previously the frame and panel work I've done has either been doors only, or the case involved drawers so I've not had to put in a base. How would you usually go about the joinery for the cabinet...
  6. timwhatley

    Workbench Vice advice

    I have the HNT Gordon tail vice and would highly recommend it. Beautifully made, simple and effective to use, and really easy to install - I did mine with a brace and chisel, a router would have made it a piece of cake. Aesthetics might not be the most important thing in a vice, but I like how...
  7. timwhatley

    De-tensioning bandsaw after use?

    I've just had a bandsaw blade snap on me - I've only had the blade on the saw a few months, with weekend use including some resawing. Mostly hardwoods. The saw is a Record Power Sabre 350 (14"), running a 5/8ths Tuffsaws blade. I contacted Tuffsaws, who suggested this was because the saw was...
  8. timwhatley

    102/apron plane mouth width

    I have the Workshop Heaven 102 - and while I was happy with it originally (nice heft, lovely bronze body, good steel in the blade etc), as I've used it more I've discovered it's a real pain to get the blade square, and keep it there. I have to skew it right over until it's up against the right...
  9. timwhatley

    Small workshop layout ideas

    Currently quite a bit, as it's our only route to the garden - but within the next year I'll be having a new outside staircase put in to replace one that was take down before we bought the house, and that'll give us garden access from the kitchen upstairs (house is built on a slope, so the...
  10. timwhatley

    Small workshop layout ideas

    Thanks very much Artie! I'm very happy with it, just needs some organising. I used to have my tools all hung on the walls in a cupboard, now I've got an actual workshop but the tools are just spread all over the place. That's why I made the thread really - while I agree with Spectric that it'll...
  11. timwhatley

    Small workshop layout ideas

    Hello all, I've recently moved into a new house, which has given me a dedicated workshop space for the first time. After getting the bench and a few starter pieces for the house built, I'm now trying to work out the most effective layout, as there are a few features in the room to work around -...
  12. timwhatley

    New tools?

    I got a Lie Nielsen cap iron screwdriver (indulgent to buy, perfect as a gift!), only to realise that it doesn't fit any of the Stanley, Record or Hock cap irons I have. Also got one of those "wood is good" urethane carvers mallets, which is beautifully finished and noticeably quieter than a...
  13. timwhatley

    For Sale Workshop Downsize - Machinery

    Has the bandsaw been collected?