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  1. Dangermouse 2nd

    Clifton No 5 - New toy, new joy

    IMHO, for the price they aren't as well finished as Id want and having to fettle it after paying a kidney would upset me a tad. Id rather go Lie Nielsen. Perfect finish and working right from the box.
  2. Dangermouse 2nd

    Faithful no 4 smoothing plane in the box

    I have a faithful plane it's a number 10 it needed quite a bit of work but its pretty good now however I would plump for an old Stanley or preferably a record number four five six etc if I was looking for fresh plane to use for myself
  3. Dangermouse 2nd

    Plane fettling

    Best thing to do is carry on flattening the sole untill there is none left, then the plane really sits well on the wood and the blade is right down onto the surface and you can take shavings you cant see.....
  4. Dangermouse 2nd

    Wadkin pattern makers vice

    Sadly not, other things and work has gotten in the way. But am planing on a new bench soon that will take it.
  5. Dangermouse 2nd

    Cos Par, Alfa 2 dividing head

    Found a manual on ebay now, that was lucky ! It all set up on the mill now, will give it a test when I have a bit more time in a few days.
  6. Dangermouse 2nd

    Cos Par, Alfa 2 dividing head

    I have just purchased this universal dividing head and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it or the company, made in Milan, Italy
  7. Dangermouse 2nd

    RDG Tools and Vevor Tools

    There are a huge number of badge engineered stuff out there that are exactly the same exept for the name and colour. I have bought from Vevor before, a couple of 3 jaw chucks which were really good quality no backlash to bother about. However had a look at their dividing heads and that was...
  8. Dangermouse 2nd

    Don't laugh... it worked..

    Ahh A man after my own heart !! I can count on one hand the times I've purchased a brand new turning item... usually on offer or in the sales. I started off with a very basic lathe, worked up to a Harrison Jubilee and now have a Wadkin RS...
  9. Dangermouse 2nd

    Nicholson on Grinding and Sharpening

    Time to get the popcorn and a comfy chair ... lol
  10. Dangermouse 2nd

    Which plane for shooting board?

    I used a Record no6 for years, until I got a LN51 off ebay. Mint hardly used in its box. Made up a shooting board for it from a kitchen worktop. A revelation! Glides through any wood like a knife through butter. So pleased with it, I am now making a copy of the iron no52 board, the ultimate...
  11. Dangermouse 2nd

    Stanley no52

    I Have managed to get my hands on a mint LN 51 shooting plane and want to make a shooting board. It will be a near copy of the old Stanley 52. how ever I need some measurements, especially of the plane runway. Can anyone help ?
  12. Dangermouse 2nd

    Wadkin MD morticer restoration

    Excellent job and I prefer it looking like that to be honest..
  13. Dangermouse 2nd

    Old Zito saw and planer combo, looks a beast.

    I have that model, but without the planer bit, its built like brick poo house and does a grand job. Saw & morticer.
  14. Dangermouse 2nd

    HI from cornwall

    Welcome to another Cornish chap...
  15. Dangermouse 2nd

    Furniture philistine

    Sadly too many places are doing such things, vandalising even Georgian furniture to the god of " upcycling "
  16. Dangermouse 2nd

    Pickles Ransome Lathe, Wadkin forerunner ??

    Just come accross this lathe, made by Pickles Ransome ltd. Looks exacly the same as my Wadkin RS. Wonder did they copy the Wadkin or did Wadkin buy the design or company and then make the lathes as the RS ??
  17. Dangermouse 2nd

    Nice but I’m not paying that,

    OR ...... GRANDMA SHARK Chrome Gas Lift Massage Stool, Beauty Therapy Reiki Salon Manicure Tattoo Stools Chair with Five 360-Degree Rotating Pulleys (Small Backrest) : Home & Kitchen
  18. Dangermouse 2nd

    Machine maintenance advice

    most likely a blown capacitor, they dont last for ever...
  19. Dangermouse 2nd

    The weather

    Its called climate change , too late to do anything about it now, it would seem....
  20. Dangermouse 2nd

    Dining Room Wall Panelling WIP

    Dont know if I would have used MDF, old houses are usually damp to some extent or other and MDF dont like that one little bit.