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    Workshop shed planning permission

    Looking at that planning portal site. It's 2.5 metres height to the "eaves", not the ridge. HTH Chris.
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    Fuji HVLP - Worth Getting?

    I've just bought a tin of " Liberon Interior Varnish ". It's a water based product, & needs no thinning. So when you've finished spraying you can just pour it back into the can. The man where I got it just told me to spray a mist coat first which goes off in a few minutes. Then I upped the...
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    tips on oak table top

    Mike, "Oh, while I am at it, here is a cot I have almost finished. Just needs some sanding and finishing. I have some boiled linseed oil for the unpainted parts, but it seems to come out a bit yellow. Is there an oil I can use to retain the natural colour of the wood?" I use " OSMO Poly X Oil...
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    Filling large holes in MDF

    What about making a paste of PVA & MDF sawdust ? Chris.
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    workshop re-work

    Looks really good, no sign at all of it being a garage originally. :) Chris.
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    The old and the new (writing sideboard) Finished for now

    Lovely piece of craftsmanship. Don't take this the wrong way, but it has the appearance of age even though it's brand new. It's stunning. Chris.
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    Dakota Router Plate

    Smudger I've got one of those & it works well. Slides easily in the guide rail grooves. I also got the one for a circular saw. hth Chris.
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    Extending my existing flat roof workshop

    Unfortunately. Two hours after the official opening of the workshop extension, all free space had disappeared & now he's back to square one. :wink: Chris.
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    Was desperate for a roller stand....

    exigetastic If you cut the uprights down to nearer the threaded bar holes, you won't be restricted in the width of board you can cut. :lol: Chris.
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    Walnut and Maple End Table

    Just to echo the feeling of all the other replies. Super piece of craftsmanship. Chris.
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    Triton router stopped

    The red light is to show that the router has juice running to it. Is the plastic cover sliding across so that the switch can turn on ? That's about all I can think of at the mo. Hope you get it sorted. Chris.
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    Twin Guitar Projects (Solid Body Electric)

    Are you gonna shape the top, or leave it flat ? Both guitars look very good bye the way :) Chris.
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    Adjustable In/outfeed table: Concept

    I think that the "Scissor Jack" is the better idea. If you use a "Hydraulic Jack" and go over the height you want, then you're messing about releasing the pressure and lifting again trying to get the correct height. With the "Scissor Jack" it's just a simple matter of a quick hand adjustment...
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    Tilgear Website

    Reading the info, it looks like there will be a website. But you'll need to run the CD to access it. Then you'll be able to order from the website. That's how I'm reading it. Chris.
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    Twin Guitar Projects (Solid Body Electric)

    Looking really good BB :) Chris.
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    drilling jig

    Why not a strip of pegboard ? Chris.
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    Another workshop build project

    Very nice. :D But can you please put two cladding filler strips underneath the windows just to finish it off and restore symmetry. :wink: Chris.
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    Shaping an SG guitar body

    I'd like to make an SG body and I have been thinking how to achieve the deep bevels that the SG has, but I'm stuck. Doing it with a router it seems that it will require a fairly hefty bit. Something like door panel raising bit (scary!!!!!). These bits also don't have bearings to run against...
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    My New Router

    Fecn "Bloody Brilliant" Have you thought about visiting the local scrapyards for your threaded bar ? Plenty of old (but useful to inventors) scrap machinery to browse. Chris.
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    Overhead Router Tennoning Jig

    Nice idea Niki. Why didn't you make the base for the router the same size as the saw base ? No need to alter the guide then. Chris.