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    AT406 Or Record Envoy/Regent

    I had considered the Maxi, but originally discounted it as I felt it may be slightly outdated to some of the competitors., but I could be wrong
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    AT406 Or Record Envoy/Regent

    I have also been looking at the Twister FU-180 however the Twisters capacities are slightly less which is putting me off this one
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    AT406 Or Record Envoy/Regent

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a new lathe and have pretty much narrowed my options down to Records new Envoy or Regent and the Axminster AT406. I am keen to seek feedback from those who either own these models or may have either been lucky enough to have seen or used both to compare build quality...
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    Buying kits in bulk

    Thanks guys I've had a look at their website and there very reasonable and the p&p is free Too on orders over £60
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    Buying kits in bulk

    Evening all I'm sure this is a question that has been asked before but does anyone have any good sites that would enable me to buy pen kits & bottle stop kits etc in bulk at a better rates than Axminster, Turners retreat etc? I have found recently at craft fairs turners are marketing there wares...
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    Beginner Scroll Saw - what do I look for on a budget?

    I'm afraid I was the lucky one guys, I couldn't believe it only went for £62 the current RBI Hawks start at $1200 in America so I'm very happy all in all it's cost me £90 inc the delivery and that had to be in 2 separate packages because if the legs, and I've insured the delivery and added a...
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    Hegner vs Excalibur

    Thanks for all the comments guys I forgot to mention I have owned a single speed hegner multicut for 10 years so I have done a lot with a Hegner jut thought it was time to upgrade to variable speed. The Hegner I was looking at was nearly a grand and I just happened to come across someone giving...
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    Which lathe would you choose?

    Hi depending on how far your willing to travel I would keep an eye on something like this starting bid £150 buy it now £250 could get a bargin ... 19e30b9385 I am assuming your budget is your max for everything therefore you need to take into account the...
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    Budget Bandsaw?

    It depends on what your planning on cutting, the bandsaw I have cuts 300mm but I cut a lot of logs for bowl blanks. What you need to remember is if your going to cut a log in half to get a 4 inch bowl blank you need a cutting capacity minimum go 8 inch to enable you to cut it in half hope this helps
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    Hegner vs Excalibur

    Hi all I'm looking at upgrading my saw and I'm looking for some UNBIASED opinions from people who have experienced Hegner and Excalibur saws. Axminster currently have the Excalibur EX-30 on offer at £539 and they will throw in the foot switch. From what I can see the equivalent Hegner is a good...
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    Bench grinder woes

    I agree with nev I also have a 6" record but I use the tormek jig system which is great it works fine maybe a little fast sometimes it catches you out and blues the tools. But it's around £400 for a full tormek set up so I just make do your better off having a cheap grinder with a good...
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    Any opinions on Axminster's new evolution chuck?

    I have a clubmen k10 and it's a good bit of kit it's well made and made in Axminster rather than china. The jaw options are good and you get the excellent Axminster customer service. I used to have a nova g3 and I prefer the Axminster chuck to be honest and it has locking grubs which is handy if...
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    A Lathe recommendation?

    I had a cl3 Igit rid if it the Otor went on it the headstock and tailstock wouldn't allign even after various new parts I also found it quite primitive compared to other makes on the Market in the end I got rid and bought an Axminster 1416 which is superb although it's a lot smaller it has...
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    Discount at Axminster?

    If you spend over £1000 the usually offer 10% discount but it usually comes In the way of free accsessorys rather than a discount off the main machines I have had several larger purchases with Axminster and this has always been the way
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    Finish for teak

    Scaffold went up to re point chimneys the windows were an afterthought and they are broke that's why there getting referbed
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    Finish for teak

    They would love me if I told them that the scaffold has cost 15k they have held there colour very well and none of them are really that grey
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    Finish for teak

    Not much looking at whats left obviously the teak alone is weather resistant it's just the clients want them brought back to life as they look flat
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    axminster pen

    Hi woody what's the delivery time like with timber bits with them being in oz? Regards Lee
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    Finish for teak

    I was looking at osmo but I thought it was for interior applications only?
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    Second Attempt at Something Different

    Nice modern looking piece good looking finish on the ply. Has the end grain finished up smooth?