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    Lathe Tool Storage Rack

    I had the very issue when I recently purchase a lathe from ebay that came with numerous accessories. I have no real wall space as I have wall cupboards on most of the wall. I took the decision to make a portable rack, that would basically act like the wall, and provide me plenty of space to hang...
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    Chucks for the left bowl turning side of a Union Graduate

    Paul, think I set you a pm earlier today, but never done it before, so not sure if I did it correctly.
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    Chucks for the left bowl turning side of a Union Graduate

    Hi Paul, If Jota or Gerryoh do not have the backplate I would be interested as I have just bought a Woodfast M910 with a 1 1/2" x 6 tpi.
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    Chucks for the left bowl turning side of a Union Graduate

    To be clear chucks/backplates I discuss above are cut with a left and right hand thread (in same part) so can be used both on the inboard and outboard. As this is getting a less used thread not many inserts/ exerts are around the only one I know of is an exert that goes from female 1 1/2" to...
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    Chucks for the left bowl turning side of a Union Graduate

    You can get chucks/backplates that fit the 1 1/2" x 6 tpi tread of the Graduate. Some have a left/right thread so it can be used inboard and outboard. Left Thread is on outboard side, Right thread on inboard size. Axminster do a 1 1/2" x 6 tpi Left/Right thread for SK114, but not the smaller...
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    Axminster Chuck info

    Small dovetail jaws in photo are type D jaws. Hope you get backplate sorted
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    Axminster Chuck info

    Versachuck and Axminster Super precision chuck are both designed to fit same ISO standard backplate, as stated on the beaufort Inks website.
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    Axminster Chuck info

    I think the obscured jaws are D jaws.
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    Axminster Chuck info

    The last two backplates on the page are just plain bores that you could get machined to correct thread. Or if you can find one you could use an insert to go from your thread to a more common size, but this is not ideal as it introduces additional tolerances, but is doable.
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    Axminster Chuck info

    I might be interested in the chuck, but not that interested in Jaws as I already have those ones.
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    Axminster Chuck info

    The Chuck you have I believe is an Axminster Super Precision Chuck, you can still get backplates that fit them from Beaufortink below. If you are thinking you might need a chuck...
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    Mt2 revolving centre, but with M33 X 3.5MM thread for scroll chuck (SC4) any ideas.

    Yes I realise that thats why I suggested those live centres as they both have a 3/4" x 16tpi thread on them to allow him to make an attachement. I use the one in the first link myself to make new attachments on 3/4"x16 nuts, so I know it works.
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    Mt2 revolving centre, but with M33 X 3.5MM thread for scroll chuck (SC4) any ideas. The two live centres above from Axminster both have 3/4" x 16 threads, so you could get one of these in the UK, and if you live...
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    Draper AWL40 combination chuck

    Sorry, thats all the paperworks thats in the box, not that helpful. Not sure what you are really after as the chuck operates the same as anything else I have?
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    Draper AWL40 combination chuck

    I have a couple of them in the garage that came with a lathe I just bought. I think one is in a box and has the instructions, I will look later.
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    Record power model no3?

    Coronet No.3, Record Power Model No. 3 , and Record CL3 are all physically the same, just differing names over time.
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    Versachuck & Axi Jaws

    Think that it says that the versa chuck jaw carriers come with a set of screws anyway. But on the spares section it had versa chuck jaws screws, which also fit Axminster jaws I believe as they both fit on the same jaws carriers
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    Record Coronet Regent/Envoy Lathe

    Hello all, Thinking of upgrading to either a Record Coronet Envoy/Regent from a Record CL2. The Regent look likes good value. Anyone got one in use and have any thoughts.
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    AT406 Or Record Envoy/Regent

    Hi, I am also thinking of upgrading my lathe, I currently have a Record CL2. I am also thinking about a Coronet Regent/Envoy, Axminster AT406WL or Stratos Fusion 230. Record Regent has 2Kw motor with 1.5Kw at the spindle, the others only claim 1.5Kw, so I assume this is at the motor? The...