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    Rutlands now

    I'd second that! mack
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    A very good video.

    Brilliant, thanks for posting! mack
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    worksharp 3000 buying advice

    Two's up on that ! mack :)
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    Fully equipped workshop.

    This offer is still open. mack
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    Fully equipped workshop.

    Anyone in the Glasgow area interested in helping out with the rent, on the above. Access to table saw, band saw, RAS, planer, thicknesser and assorted power tools.There is also a "small" metal fabrication workshop. Deails have yet to be ironed out, but if there's anyone who is short of space...
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    Small Workshop Compressor

    May I ask if you used a coil nailer, for the round head nails? mack
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    Table top from old pine joists, advice please

    Couldn't you try a wood reclamation yard for the joists. What you're about to take on seems like a whole lot of work. mack
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    Little help needed

    I have one of these, mine was made by "Metabo" I believe.It has two speeds, slow for wood and fast for steel. I've had it for the best part of fifty years, still gets used occasionally, one of my better buys! There was a bigger version if my memory serves me well, maybe 50mm length, bigger...
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    Bad news, advice sought.

    If they were standing in line with you, they would be seeking employment, same as you! Not every one is as lucky as yourself, to have a skill doesn't mean you will always be employed but it helps.Many of the "dregs, will have no training or skills, and been on benefits longer than you were.I...
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    Bad news, advice sought.

    So thats what the unemployed are, how nice! mack
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    Jobs in another land (new zealand)

    Sorry, would that be here, or there?
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    Jobs in another land (new zealand)

    I have family in NZ, brother & sister,they've been there 40+years, since the earthquake more than 2 years ago there have been more than 7000 separate tremors.Two of my nephews have recently relocated in Australia, with their families.Owing to circumstances, age/finances etc, many can not but...
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    Removing a mirror stuck with silicon

    Pretty sure it's silicone, one mirror came off with just a scraper, leaving the residue on the mirror and melamine.Thanks for all the great ideas, I have some picture hanging wire too, will see which works out best.I have an idea about a rod saw and some string may try that too. mack
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    Removing a mirror stuck with silicon

    I was thinking "solvent", mtr1 but, you've got me thinking :idea: hacksaw blade,wire, etc, and I do have an old flexible 2' rule, thanks, mack
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    Removing a mirror stuck with silicon

    Mirror is stuck to melamine faced MDF, can anyone offer an easy solution? mack TIA
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    Compressor / Coil nailer

    Can anyone recommend a compressor which will run a coil nailer and suitable for spraying finishes.Better still anyone want to sell same? mack
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    Planing on the radio.

    Reminds me of the ventriloquist Peter Brough & Archie Andrews, (Entertaining Archie) on BBC radio years back. :lol: mack
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    Newbie - Advice re Thicknesser / floorboards

    As one who did this for a living, may I offer this advice, sand diagonally both ways with 40 grit paper then with the grain with 36 to remove the diagonal scratches.Then face with 40,60,80,100.We would finish sanding with a fine mesh on a floor buffing machine.Depending on the state of the floor...
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    Sawdust and What ? as a filler

    Don't know about glue, I've had good results from "Lecol" resin and fine dust. mack
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    Ball pein hammer

    Isn't it dangerous to hit hammers together, I was taught at an early age never to hit two hammers together because of shrapnel flying off them. mack