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    Sadolin Ultra vs Sadolin Classic vs Sikkens Filter 7 Plus

    Not exactly a controlled test but I painted my workshop in Sikkens Filter 7 walnut 11 years ago (three good coats) and haven't touched it since.
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    Osmo Top Oil Sanding Issue

    Tung oil for a kitchen counter top? No thanks ta.
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    Osmo Top Oil Sanding Issue

    Thanks to all for your replies. Seems this is a particularly strange plank with serious wild grain and just needs to be sanded much finer than the main countertops. Its was a large wany edged slab complete with knots etc. While I'm at it does anyone know of an oil which gives a true matt...
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    Osmo Top Oil Sanding Issue

    Hi all Its been a long time since I posted on here but was hoping someone had an insight into an irritating issue I'm having finishing a maple countertop. Essentially I'm having serious issue with sanding marks showing through the Osamo top oil I'm using - even having sanded to 320 grit (they...
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    Notes on Tyler Hardwoods @ Shalbourne, Marlborough

    If you're going there for a reasonable amount remember to ask for trade pricing - I think it kicks in at 10cuft as I remember.
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    Outdoor table - nothing works!

    Genuine teak doesn't require any finish at all to protect it - a good scrub with a bit of fairy and a scotchbrite sponge will keep it in fine fettle. I'd reccomend a trio of deckhands as well but that gets expensive really quick. Teak Wonder A+B is the stuff Sawtooth is talking of and its not...
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    High Gloss Finish Recommendations

    Hi All Stepping out into the unknown here as high gloss is not a thing I normally do so pointers would be welcome. I'm building some speaker stands the centre part or column is made of three laminations of mdf heavily curved and rounded over - the finish has to be high gloss to match the very...
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    Floor paint or covering for new workshop build

    I used grey one pack - could've been from Wickes - 12 years ago over a latex screed and its still absolutely fine.
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    Riving Knife Supplier

    I think you're going to have to read the SUVA and/or DIN spec to get an answer on that.
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    Riving Knife Supplier

    We live in a strange world when Felder and cheapest are in the same sentence. I think you're right though - checked the Felder site last night and less than half the price of the competition. I still resent 40 quid for what it is though. Beats making one I guess.
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    Riving Knife Supplier

    Hi All Been away for a while but back on it nw and havge a need for a new riving knife for my Robland saw. Scott and Sargeant sell them but pretty expensive for what it is - nigh a hundred quid. Any one know of a cheaper outlet before I get busy with a grinder? A standard euro pattern should fit.
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    Walnut UV Resistant Finish

    Hi All After a bit of a hiatus I'm back making expensive sawdust - in this case a really well figured walnut plinth for my new French doors. Usually for a finish I'd default to Polyx (which I have in the shop) but I'm concerned that it'll be in full daylight and will slowly fade. Anyone know...
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    How can I fix a glass top to these fancy wooden legs?

    If you want a non permanent fixing use "museum gel" - its a silicone based transparent gel that museums/galleries use to fix objects down. It provides a surprising amount of stick but does not adhere as such. Its usually invisible but use just a dap as it does spread. We use it for fixing art...
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    Job opportunities

    I'm afraid I don't know. My mate is the money behind the idea; practical he is not. At the moment I believe they're ramping up production and want to bring their outfitting in house. Thats as much as I know. Wouldn't surprise me if there were several companies doing it though given that foreign...
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    Job opportunities

    A friend of mine has just contacted me regardsing a business he's investing in - fitting out high end VW campers. Has asked me if I know anyone that might be interest in the fit out - the cabinet4ry rather than mechanicals which they already have sorted. I'm not sure of any details but it...
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    yacht varnish finish

    To the warming up yes; we stick it in a painters kettle with hot water when its cold. Depending on the varnish ( ÿacht"varnish isn't really a thing) then use olwatrol to help it flow. Thinning will help it flow but at the expense of build up.
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    Cost of Ceder of Lebanon

    Ask Jeff at - he usually has stock and his prices are pretty good. Not too far from you either.
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    Inline duct fans

    Its a minefield of a subject and to his credit Pentz has at least put a fair bit of effort in - I feel he's being very conservative though. Unfortunately the equipment to test is not cheap at all or easy to rent - I tried. When I was researching this (my real aim was to improve our hvac at work...
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    Planer/Thicknesser decisions.

    Fwiw the Robland is solid generally but the fence is really poor especially if you're throwing big lumps around. I have heard that the Hammer fence is also a bit weak.
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    Inline duct fans

    Have your cake and eat it .... etc. Yes it is possible sort of Option 1 - have a lot of money and get a fan + filter housing custom made. P & J amongst others might be able to make it work Option 2 - (being in a similar situation) buy a standard extractor unit...