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    SIP 1/2" 1500W plunge router

    I have this router and find the plunge pressure is too strong for pleasant use. Because of this the tool is not used very often. Has anyone overcome this problem?
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    I would suggest a brush cutter with a blade this will be the easiest solution and make short work of even a large area. Perhaps hire one if it will be a one off use. In my opinion bull bars are essential for ease of use.
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    Lots of hot air

    I am sure many of us can remember the Experts predicting we were about to enter another ice age a good few years ago. That has not yet happened to state the obvious! We seem to have had less volcanic activity latley, It could be the lack of the ash in the air has allowed a little extra warming?
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    Wine Barrel Restoration: Looking for Plumbing Tips

    It would be worth checking for a stress crack in the blue barrel they are not always easy to spot. I recently had one in a 18 month old water butt which was supported on a slab, could see no reason for it. This crack was on the edge at the bottom.
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    Spyderco CTS BD1N

    I had the original pattern for many years unfortunately the back spring became worn and the knife would open in my pocket. I tried the lifetime warranty but the USA refer me to the UK and they said it did not apply here. I would be very happy to buy a replacement part but could not find one...
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    Insulated Shipping Container Help

    We had our container Spray Foamed onto the steel and it has worked out well. It could be done drilling holes just like a cavity wall as a last resort but you look to have done a tidy job and I suspect it will settle down :)
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    Insulated Shipping Container Help

    Have a read of this article The ultimate guide to shipping container condensation treatments When your dehumidifier arrives run it 24hrs a day and try turning off your heating. The less temperature difference the lower the condensation. Fit a min max thermometer with humidity reading so you...
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    Insulated Shipping Container Help

    I would put a dehumidifier in your box working 24 hours a day and reduce the heating temperature to about 12 degC they are cheap to run. Turn the heating up when you are in there working. We run a CNC and SLS printers in a similar way the weather has been very humid recently.
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    Has anyone mastered the Hovel pencil plane?

    For round pencils I use a T'gaal Multisharpener you can adjust the angle and it catches the waste. Around £6.50 on Amazon.
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    Powerfile "adapter" for angle grinder

    Having owned the Black and Decker power file for year's I would buy one of these £44.99 delivered from FFX.
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    Wanted Combination Machine Single Phase

    For what it is worth I have a Axi combi bought second hand from Felder I am still delighted with it after 7 years use
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    Hen House Timber Choice

    We have taken to using plastic stock board for roofs it is quite heavy we normally screw two 4 x 2 along the long length. This stops it blowing off but can be lifted off for cleaning. We also use electrified netting only had the fox in once when the horses took the fence down in 5 years
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    Sit-Stand Desk - Completed Project

    Could something like this be adapted ? ... ect=mobile
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    Adding surface friction to Aluminium?

    You could try wrapping a sports grip round them . We supply them for grips on our lances, see look under tentpegging.
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    free loans to british gas

    If you have overpaid by direct debit I believe your bank should immediately refund this payment under the guarantee scheme. Although your supply will be maintained when your company goes into liquidation the new company appointed is not bound to supply you at the same price. Whether the new...
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    Electronic mouse repellents

    I have run an ultrasonic device for some years in a storage area that is heated and dehumidified. Bait is also put down we definitly have less mice or rat activity than other areas baised on consumption of the same bait and damage to goods.
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    Two-way light switch - Sorted, thank you all.

    Often a 3 core + earth is wired between the two switches , a twin + earth is taken to one switch bringing a live and taking back the switched live, both conductors should be marked as live. See ... 4581124983 The neutral is looped into the ceiling rose...
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    Plywood for lining out workshop walls

    You might also consider 18mm white melomine covered mdf I used this for a large new workshop battened out 5"; to allow 4" close cell foam insulation to be sprayed in. The area now has air con making the electric heating much more cost effective. I had previously used 18mm ply on another...
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    I want a small dog to suiit my age and situation

    We have a couple of Border Terriers and can recomend the breed they are a good size dog not too big or small . They do not molt a lot, you do however need to pull their coat or clip them if you are not bothered about showing. They are very loyal and not nearly as deaf as a Jack Russel when...
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    Which wood rasp

    I often find a Black and Decker Power File very useful but you have to be careful not to cut too much!