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    Vintage Record Planes

    My Records from #02 to 08, all SS Greetings from Germany
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    Disston #2 Saw Vise

    and more in the 1932 catalogue:
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    Disston #2 Saw Vise

    Steve, have a look at the 1918 Disston catalogue. Saw Clamp No. 1
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    Union A1 drill press missing parts

    Dave, here are the pictures of the missing link:
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    Oil can, non leak!

    1+ to Reilang oil cans! Swiss made, and come in different types. See: : reilang or here the manufacturer's site: Reilang - Öler und resistente Komponenten
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    Brace id required

    Have a look here: Deutsche Werkzeughersteller und -händler: Alb. Urbahn & Comp.
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    Old Elu Power Tools

    Try here for identification: elu handkreissäge
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    What hammer for chisels?

    More information here (scroll down to the end): Mallets | FINE TOOLS
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    What hammer for chisels?

    I use always these: wood is good
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    Help! My saw's a eunuch! (it's lost it's nuts)

    Carl, here you will get the requiered brass split screws and nuts: Regards from Germany Claus
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    Decent quality ratchet wrench?

    Hi, Stahlwille is still a German company and produces there: Excellent tools! Regards from Germany Claus Keller who owns some Stahlwille ratchet sets
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    pencil sharpener

    Very nice machine, congratulations. If anybody wants to see much more of this/these, have a look at this page (sorry German only, but with so much pictures): I have some of these sharpeners and use them all the time. Claus
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    No.8 Plane Spares.

    Hi, You should try this guy: I know, he has a awful lot of plane and other spares. Good luck from a German owner of Record Stay Set planes, including a #2 SS and a #8 SS Kind regards Claus Keller
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    What do you put on your strop?

    Hi, I use chromium oxide green paste from an artist shop on a leather strop. Works very well and is not messy. Claus
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    Stroop paste

    Hi Ewan, I use oil colour paste like this ... 37-ml.html on a leather strop. Regards from Germany Claus Keller
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    Old Record 135's needing TLC

    Hi, Nicely done, congratulations. Another oldtimer back to work. Kind regards Claus
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    Old Record 135's needing TLC

    Hi, I would stick the business end (the one with the screw) into a bucket with citric acid for a couple of hours to remove the rust, then careful rinsing and then wire brush it. The long bar could be treated with citric acid soaked rags for some hours, then the same procedure. At last oil or...
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    Can anyone identify this tool please?

    Kind of pistol cleaning rod?
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    Quick favour from someone with a Record #08 or #02 please?

    Mark, Record #02 = 50 mm width. Measured from my Stay-Set 02, got it cheap because it had a crack, which I welded. Claus
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    Evolution of the Record 52 1/2 quick release vice

    Shrink fitting perhaps? Very interesting thread -- thanks a lot! Claus