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    Welcome to the forum
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    new old guy

    Welcome to the forum
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    Hello from Peterborough

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Jewellery box

    What a beautiful piece.
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    Hello from Munich

    Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy what's here.
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    Record power bs350 for sale.

    Sorry I can see it now and I don't have a high enough score.
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    Veneered box WIP - picture heavy.

    Very interesting read and viewing. Thanks for the input and time taken to put the steps on on here. Would love to have the time to invest. So many half finished projects going no where atm. =)
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Sorry its been a few days. That is N gauge. We had oo and n but then I sold all OO and got more n and merged it. It's going to take forever to do it. I am building it on the floor in my sons bed room and my knees are not what they used to be so a little every night as best I can. =)
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    The Wheel of Time at Last Begins to Turn

    Glad to hear it. Some more good news for 2020
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    This for me and my boys
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    This was for the mother in law.
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    How many active turners remain in UKWorkshop ?

    I still turn when the moment calls for it. Only a hobby and very basic though. Last turning was about 4 weeks ago and I made something for a neighbours boat from a piece of oak he supplied.
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    About to take the plunge.

    So i picked it up and it was filthy. Not sure the guy who had it before had ever serviced or cleaned it. 4 hrs or cleaning and fettleing and wd40 etc and I'm nearly ready for the first cut.
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    About to take the plunge.

    I was actually thinking of building a cupboard base with casters i have, then selling it long term but will see. thanks for the info/advise.... Noted. I will let you know here as to how I find the base.
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    About to take the plunge.

    Just bought a Record bs350 for £450 so hope it is OK. It was the limit I was going to so happy to have it. Has the wheel kit with it as well. Next pay day a call to ian @ tuff I guess. Thanks all again for the help in spending my money... Lol Hope the table it not too big for my w/shop.
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    Walnut Hollow Form

    Have to say I like it as it is. Nice one. Make a cannon next. :) they always make me smile.
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    Rookie first lathe

    Do you have a local machine mart? Try there if you do. If not give the closest a call and see if they can help.
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    About to take the plunge.

    Thanks again for all the advise. Now I just need to work out when to buy. I'm liking the idea of getting one at an event but not sure i can wait that long.... :)
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    About to take the plunge.

    This was my findings after hours of trawling several site for hours doing my research. Cant believe they don't fit rollers on this priced item. Damn I wish I had more money.... Back to trawling the Internet and the bay of E. To buy the axminster bearing kit it would be extra cost i dont have...
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    About to take the plunge.

    Anyone else who has one feel free to add to the above. Looked at the axminster it's £619 atm but im just not feeling it with the axminster one... Not sure why. Maybe if any one has the axminster one they could give their thoughts. Even better someone who has or and had both.