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  1. Scarlet Lancer

    Hydro power from small river?

    Be very careful in the UK. You do not own the water, that is the property of the lock water authority who enjoy extra income from fines and they’re not low. If you stop, dam or set a weir for hydro power the make sure it can’t be seen even by jealous neighbour.
  2. Scarlet Lancer

    Queen Elizabeth has passed away.

    I am disgusted with these comments but there you go foreigner! Your must be the minority as your countries still hold faith to our Monarch.
  3. Scarlet Lancer

    Queen Elizabeth has passed away.

    I think you need to study exactly what they do for the Nation by way of world trade and the GDP. i doubt you would be happy for someone to comment the same way about you during your mourning a parent. I have never been happy about Charles and Camilla with their attitude. However I believe that...
  4. Scarlet Lancer

    Queen Elizabeth has passed away.

    I fully uphold your comment. How many do not remember when the joined the armed forces, the Police force, Boy Scouts, Guides and countless others who swore their oath of allegiance to the Oueen her heirs and successors without fear or favour. The royal family are a massive part of these United...
  5. Scarlet Lancer

    Please teach me about planes

    I like his method with the exception of the abuse of the lever cap as a screw driver and hammer.
  6. Scarlet Lancer

    Cutting threads on Handle bolts

    Very rarely do we hear those trade names this side of the world. I think I will keep my eyes open for them. Whilst on the subject I bought a Marples yesterday evening on eBay which I am surprised to see has date stamp I think is 1944 but the last figure is uncertain. It could be part of a War...
  7. Scarlet Lancer

    Cutting threads on Handle bolts

    Thank you Ian, but that hasn’t really covered the issue I was making. I had asked ZippityNZ how his individual threads turned out ie the two tote screws He was having trouble with. And the second paragraph was saying I would like to know/find out how different manufacturers had threaded their...
  8. Scarlet Lancer

    Cutting threads on Handle bolts

    Good afternoon from Cornwall UK, a lot has happened since your post first appeared, we have the pandemic Covid and a lot of clear and muddy water has passed under the bridge. I would love to know how your thread issue went. I am going to bet that the front nob and rear tote were both 7/32-20tpi...
  9. Scarlet Lancer

    A maze of threads. Stanley, Marples, Record and all etc:-

    A very useful exchange of info, tks
  10. Scarlet Lancer

    A maze of threads. Stanley, Marples, Record and all etc:-

    I am using a photo which was originally posted by member Vann with an acknowledgment to the original author. What I have found in that original post and other descriptions on eBay and other tool related sites is some comments of sellers of taps and dies is that Stanley plane manufacturers had...
  11. Scarlet Lancer

    Thread tapping.

    I certainly your methodologies thanks for sharing.
  12. Scarlet Lancer

    Small workshop vacuum for chip and sanding dust control

    I have bought the “Evolution“ vac. It is wet and dry has a socket to plug in whatever tool you are using and it starts when you start the tool, it runs on for a few seconds to clear the last dust. Works also as a vac cleaner and wet. Got it from Screwfix around £90. Highly recommend it.
  13. Scarlet Lancer

    Marples 4 1/2 plane rebuild

    I had a further thought on the frog bolt. Why not pop it into a drill chuck and round it up with a file and a little chamfer. Then cosmetically it will not stand out.
  14. Scarlet Lancer

    I'm worried about what people will think after I die...

    I am lost with this to be honest I just can’t see a reason is it a cutting from “Watch tower”?
  15. Scarlet Lancer

    DIY lathe

    I can’t afford nor can I justify buying a lathe to make the odd brass nut or fixing. I was thinking that it may be possible to turn a pillar drill on its side properly secured and fit a small length of 10mm brass rod into the chuck and use a file to shape. Centre dot the end whilst turning to...
  16. Scarlet Lancer

    Lost in threads- Stanley planes.

    Ok, I don’t know how this new thread is going to help me reaching out to you all of similar interests. 1. How does Stanley planes have a mixture of UNC and BSW Screws/bolts in its manufacture. 2. Stanley originate in the USA and at some time in their history they also start...
  17. Scarlet Lancer

    Thread tapping.

    Lard is also a good flux for soldering and brazing brass.
  18. Scarlet Lancer

    Restoring Stanley No3 - advice please.

    I very much like both methods, I have used both planting on a matching piece of timber and cleaning up and re-using the two original parts. I clean the two surfaces with a hard scrub of a wire brush, then I wash all in 98% surgical spirit indeed I use it for all delicate cleaning jobs down to...
  19. Scarlet Lancer

    Marples 4 1/2 plane rebuild

    Hi Vann removed waxy stuff, thought it was a split one. Still looking for the tap. kind regards Michael