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  1. Keefy.

    Joke Thread 4

    It'll be the 10mm socket.
  2. Keefy.

    Joke Thread III

    WOW! They have certainly dressed that to sell quick.
  3. Keefy.

    Joke Thread II

    Stuartmusthaveacat!;) 😁
  4. Keefy.

    Grrrr and double grrrrrr grrrr

    (y) Tidee!
  5. Keefy.

    Joke Thread II

    Joke Thread 3 ,anyone? No offence intended.
  6. Keefy.

    My Garden Room Build - 9m x 4m

    How you can possible expect to work in that environment is beyond me! :love: I know it's a bit of a jaunt from Billericay but we're going to put one up in Birmingham. Only a simpleish Oakwood affair but if you fancy a week or so your help would be most welcome. Seriously, really nice work...
  7. Keefy.

    Joke Thread II

    Joke thread 111?
  8. Keefy.

    My Garden Room Build - 9m x 4m

    Yup, that is very nice. Well done you. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Keefy.

    Joke thread

    Good man. play safe. 😁 No offence intended.
  10. Keefy.

    How much??

    We could all club together and buy it as a leaving gift for Boris, no? No offence intended.
  11. Keefy.

    Does anyone get this.

    Well, the way I see it, he ain't there son and they ain't his parents. So, did he know already? Or is it me?
  12. Keefy.

    Trailer suspension.

    Get a "Triggers broom" trailer, you know, one that's fooked and rebuild it. You can add or alter anything to suit then. All the bits are cheap on fleabay etc. Don't get too hung up on the legalities of it, after all you can have a drinks party in a lock down and get away with that. No offence...
  13. Keefy.

    Any one repaired a Henry Hoover?

    I know, I know, I'm being pedantic but...........Hoover is a brand! Every marketing mans ( or womans) dream. No offence intended.
  14. Keefy.

    work clothes

    And you gotta buy a members card if you don't already have one!
  15. Keefy.

    Joke thread

    After the chaos last Sunday I don't think I'll be following it either!
  16. Keefy.

    My Garden Room Build - 9m x 4m

    Yup, as said, really nice.
  17. Keefy.

    My mate Billy

    It ain't just Setter's. Retrievers have their chillspells!
  18. Keefy.

    Workshop flooring

    You could use stable/cow matting. Rubber like, you can flip it over (ribbed one side and pimples the other). Not cheap but thick and durable
  19. Keefy.

    Anyone else have an issue with differing Makita track profiles?

    Correct. 😁 No offence intended.
  20. Keefy.

    Building my own workshop

    Really nice.