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    Traditional garage doors

    In what style a many versions of traditional
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    Places to buy wood online?

    What are you looking for as i have a fair stock here of hardwoods seasoned, Chopping boards is hardly anything size wise
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    Just an idea perhaps the mods could look into it. I am on a few woodworking forums and some of them have a job section. One of my favourites and i know some members from here use it to is arbtalk and steve who owns and runs it is an ex tree surgeon and has a vast knowledge of timber as well as...
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    Kity K5 ( Older Buff coloured model)

    Welcome to the forum and any blades or cutters required another good supplier link below Woodworking Tools and Accessories Supplier UK ... elx2DGZUPo
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    Remove lacquer from plastic plane handle

    A light sandblast would do it
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    Tent for working

    A yurt will cost 2 grand so a bit to much to catch some dust
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    Advice please on buying a used planer

    I get all my blades and cutters from here and fantastic service ... elx2DGZUPo
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    Advice please on buying a used planer

    Decent price and it looks like a combo machine and blades would be easy to get hold of
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    Wobble dado blade

    I have a wobble saw blade not needed if your looking for one
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    Bent laminate flooring

    Just go with her and go through the packs
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    Which motor?

    Seems a lot of hassle,I am a big believer that 3 phase was built for a reason (industrial) I changed all my kit from 240 v to 440 v 3 phase and the difference in the machines in just unreal ,Had an old wadkin planer 240 and would really struggle on big timber where the 3 phase one never even...
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    Which motor?

    Price £160 plus postage ... converter/
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    Which motor?

    I have a 3 phase converter in my workshop no longer required as i updated to a 15 HP one due to bigger machines,It is a clark 5.5 HP and will run your drill quite easily
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    locked out of youtube

    Join you tube as a new member and log onto your videos and make a comment which should give you a notice in your emails somewhere
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    Blade Sharpening Companies in East Kent

    What size blades are they as i have a machine here :P
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    Making a staircase, question about liability

    State when its supplied that is classes as an access loft ladder and not a stair case that complies with any regs and get it signed
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    Siezed Drill Chuck

    Soak it in diesel for a day
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    kitchen worktop in workshop

    No issues using a worktop for this project
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    Round over problems

    Can you mount the router upside down safely and then you can use like a router table and feed the 2x1 through the router
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    Coping saw

    eclipse every time with sanvik saw blades