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    Router for door hardware

    Hi! My day job is a price work carpenter working on new builds, as such speed an d repeatable quality is key. My tools I use are: x2 of the Dewalt cordless routers… (DEWALT DCW604NT-XJ 18V LI-ION XR 1/4" BRUSHLESS CORDLESS ROUTER/TRIMMER) I like these as they come with the trimmer base and...
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    Fixing door lining gaps...

    I’m a fan of a leading edge.
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    Fixing door lining gaps...

    As for being tight in the middle, run a plane through and check. Gluing a grounds onto anything Is a sure fire lead up to cracking in paintwork due to expansion/contraction and the swing/closing action of door.
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    Fixing door lining gaps...

    Easy fix is to cut wedges and drive in behind the liner at the hinges, this will force the door over to where you need. Cut off and arc over. I’m a house basher by trade, even getting liners in perfectly doesn’t account for twist on the leg of the liner.
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    Trend t12 vs t14

    Hi all, I’m looking to upgrade my router fixed to router table, and have narrowed it down to the t12 & t14. I can’t seem to see much difference in specs, save the t14 having the kill switch. Any advice out there or better still experience with either. It will be permanently fixed to the...