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    Sold Hardwood Boards

    Yes please pm on the way
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    Sold Solid Brass Heavy shelf support pins

    Packet arrived this morning, many thanks
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    Sold Solid Brass Heavy shelf support pins

    PM on the way
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    16th. Century Venetian gilded tabernacle frame with hand cut and carved mouldings.

    Have you posted this thread on the Framers Forum? I think they would be interested.
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    De Haviland Mosquitoes.

    If you ever find yourself in London, go to the RAF museum at Hendon, they have a superb example of a Mosquito (as well as just about every other plane from WW1 and WW2 and later).
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    Sold Baileigh 20" disc sander

    It goes round too quickly to count so I cannot comment on the 1100rpm claim (where does it quote that?) but when it is up to speed it does hum and, from a practical perspective, it works really well.
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    Sold Baileigh 20" disc sander

    Conversation started with Scholar so provisionally sold.
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    Sold Baileigh 20" disc sander

    This is a REAL disc sander that I found to extremely versatile in sanding both big and small stuff and which operates on a normal three pin plug. It can remove a lot of material quickly and effortlessly if needed. The table moves vertically and also tilts in both directions. There is a slot for...
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    How good is Amazon

    The reality of international tax is somewhat different especially if there is any question of manipulation of transfer prices between subsidiary companies in different tax regimes. I have seen how HMRC here can challenge what they claim to be artificial pricing between companies designed to move...
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    Chipped edges on new planes and do new planes need sharpening before use?

    It would be interesting to get the view of a lawyer but quoting Donaghue v Stevenson to support your argument is, imho, totally fallacious and a misguided application and extrapolation of the principles in that case. In Donaghue v Stevenson the purchaser of a bottle of ginger beer fell ill...
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    Well in an attempt to tie recent comments back to the covid malarky, the shortcomings of journalists and political commentators has been exposed in the daily press meetings. The questions raised by some of the journalists reveal a huge political bias, an apparent intent to avoid the real...
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    The Ups and Downs ...mainly Downs..of selling a flat.

    Your claim would be against the firm not the individual. The fact that the individual (whether a partner or not) has gone, your letter of engagement would have been with the firm, their liability remains. Tell them that you consider their negligence to be a notifiable event for their...
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    Coronavirus self employed grant

    Doug, You have probably read this already but it is worth checking regularly as the detail changes as the enormity of what the government is committing to becomes clear to them. ... ort-scheme The "How to apply" section is worth reading!!
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    Business Grant Support

    Ring your council and ask them, alternatively go on to the council web site, if it is a legit form there should also be a link to it off that. I have clients that have had grant support from local authorities but it was sent by cheque.
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    I'm not saying that their thinking is any different and at no point in my post did I suggest that, what I am saying is that unless there is a major change in attitude, the government's good intentions will be thwarted and the economy will be in ruins, and I mean ruins of biblical proportions.
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    I don't know what your experience has been in getting any CBILS loans to help your business, but in my experience the banks deserve an almighty kicking. With two banks they each tried to push clients towards their own loans with huge set up fees, expensive interest charges and a demand for...
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    Sold Veritas Dowel Maker - NOW SOLD

    Your advert says it is not the master kit so I had assumed you only had the guide and bushings for 25mm dowels. What size dowels can you make with the kit you are selling?
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    Hollow shave.

    Is this still for sale or has it gone?
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    Am I being fair!

    I had prepared this note prior to seeing that you have settled, but this may give an indication of what is involved with a small claims dispute There is nothing to fear from a trip to the small claims court and the implied threat of "a judgement against you" is only relevant if, having gone to...
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    wood carving tools(SOLD)

    Yes please, PM on the way