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  1. J

    Best way to install ducting for a cooker hood?

    Nearly all of the extractors I have to install require a 150mm or 125mm duct all the way outside to qualify for there warranty. Best check the instructions to cover yourself.
  2. J

    Which brand of air nailer?

    Hi all, After many years of service my old stanley Brad air nailer has finally gone to the workshop in the sky. I m after two or three new ones so I don't have to change fixings as often. Something to fire pains 18 mm to about 50. Something to use on beadings/decorative stuff. And a stapler for...
  3. J

    Magnet kitchens wall brackets.

    Hi All, I've to install a magnet kitchen in a few weeks, Before plasterboard and plaster I have the opportunity to put some timber into the walls for all my wall unit brackets to screw into later. Does anyone know a measurement the bracket is placed in relation from the top of the wall unit?
  4. J

    Dating a Sedgwick by colour

    The early ones were light green (wadkin type colour). Then they changed to dark blue about twenty years ago approx. Many would argue that the early ones are better made. Although I am a huge fan of there machines old and new. I'm going to there factory in the next few weeks to collect my new...
  5. J

    POOLEWOOD 28-40

    Hi Davey, I have the same machine and I've noticed the same thing. Sorry I've no solution, I'm not electrically minded. Cracking machine ! pipper to move though!
  6. J

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    Thank you Ian for sparing the time to look into my fence issues, ill take your info and have another go at it this weekend. Thanks also Kevin, I have considered a new one to get exactly what I want and sell my existing saw on. I need to do some thinking on it. But defo sticking with the...
  7. J

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    Thanks Ian
  8. J

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    Although, I still like the idea of the incra fence incorporating my router table on the right of the saw, freeing up space elsewhere. But its not cheap, but looks quality. Would it be a good compliment to the saw.
  9. J

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    Definitely keeping with sedgwick. After all your comments last night I had to go back out to the workshop to peruse it. And it is a lovely bit of kit. Hope the wife didn't see me stroking it! The front handle that Cabinetman talks about is missing. It Has been from when I bought it. The bar is...
  10. J

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    Good advice thanks, I have had a few goes at the fence but to no avail, but maybe another try would be helpful. It does seem everyone is in agreement to keep the sedgwick , no endorsements for the axminster.
  11. J

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    I appreciate the offer, but I would keep the old fence in case I sell the saw later but keep the incra. And I'm still not sure what I'm going to do yet. But thanks
  12. J

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    Thats a really good idea! Thanks, I have spare t track from a previous mitre saw bench. My saw is very solid and reliable and I'm happy with it other than the fence, so maybe the incra saw fence wrapped around my router table on the right saving space in the workshop.
  13. J

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    Nothing seems to be missing, I've had the saw about ten years, its like a cam system, but sometimes it does not lock correctly, feels fine but starts to slip when putting a batch of cuts through.
  14. J

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    The locking mechanism is unpredictable. 8 times out of ten its fine. But sometimes it slips away as I push my stock through, really annoying! I've tried to solve it but it keeps happening. I've been quoted a small fortune for a new fence, thats why I am considering the incra system.
  15. J

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    Thanks for the quick reply, The sedgwick is my gut feeling too,
  16. J

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    Hi all, In a nice dilemma. I can keep my existing sedgwick 315 with sliding table( but space does not allow me to set up sliding table much) with annoying dodgy fence, but i could add a sexy looking incra fence. I could remove the right hand extension table and fit in my axminster cast top...
  17. J

    It ain't tidy, but ...

    How do you find the poolewood lathe? Heavy bit of kit aren't they! I love mine
  18. J

    Arbortech power chisel

    Sure Somone was selling one of them on this forum the other week
  19. J

    Any carvers here?

    Like the guys above need a range of different carving height. I spent a long time waiting for something I could modify , second hand, cheap, industrial , on the eBay. Eventually I got a hydrolic factory workbench, only 1200mm by 600mm. Pumps up like a car jack to whatever I need, Ive put a...
  20. J

    New boxes

    They look fantastic, I am oozing envy at your skill, are your dovetails handcut?