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    Wadkin table saw restoration

    Sometimes heating the parts up and letting them cool can break the seal.
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    Wadkin table saw restoration

    Is it a spacer that fits against the plate and the static part of the bearing to hold the bearing in position?
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    Roubo bench project - WIP (UPDATE No 3 )

    A very inspirational WIP, I like the rethink on alternative vice hardware making the project more affordable.
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    Who wants to see extreme asymetric curves in action..?

    I am very interested in this, please tell me more.
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    Small Roubo Workbench WIP [Completed]

    A very well presented and inspirational tutorial, very well done. :D
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    SIP 10" cast iron table saw (01332) power requirements

    My only runs on a 16 A supply :)
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    Homemade vacuum veneer press (with pump from freecycle)

    I use a home made screw press for veneering and a vacuum system using Vacuvin wine saver hand pumps. A hand pump and two non return stoppers cost £8 from Amazon. This system is suitable for veneering and laminate forming, a very cheap solution for the hobbyist.
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    Chainsaw mill??

    Hi Take a look at these sites; I believe that the chain saw needs to be at least 50mm longer than the cut (ie 600 mm cut=650mm bar and chain). I have looked at this but the wastage is too much and the safety aspect is a major concern, the cut is made with...
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    Car boot

    Pete Should the side rebate plane have a fence? Good buy...lucky devil
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    Poor english

    Yes it does exist, it's a motorway in Scotland :D
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    Workshop Extension

    I want it to be enclosed, there is a door from the workshop into the proposed wood store. I may also put a bench in there with storage for tools and accessories to try and unclutter the workshop area as mush as possible.
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    Reclaimed Pine Garden Table

    Nice table, so do the forum members get to test it's load capabilities with some beer glasses...I mean you wouldn't want to see you make another for the outlaws and then find it can't support much weight (I might just be looking for an excuse for a party). Well done Martin :D
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    Workshop Extension

    I am going to add an extension to my existing workshop to use as a wood store, keeping all my timber in the workshop is proving a little difficult as the pile gets bigger. I have set a concrete base to support the extension and this measures 15 feet x 8 feet. I want to construct the three sides...
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    Fused Wadkin

    The class B mcb is for resistive loads (heating elements) which have a lower surge when turned on than inductive loads (motors, fluorescent lights). If the motor is rated at 16 amps single phase then it should be connected to a 16 amp single phase supply. The size of cable needs to be calculated...
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    New Workbench - Done

    A superb looking bench, well done.
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    :D :D :D :D
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    Devon is a very special place

    too much iroko dust in your workshops...! :D
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    Most disappointing tool I ever bought

    I have the wixey angle setting device which is very accurate and the device for measuring the distance from the fence to the blade on my contractors saw and that too is accurate. Perhaps you have just been unlucky?
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    What are they teaching in history classes?

    I saw that episode but I don't remember him wearing a brooch :D
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    Totally off topic - Rayburn stoves and burning waste

    The Rayburn here is a Rayburn Royal and it supplys plenty of hot water and heat and has been in use by the current owners since 1993, it was originally installed in the 1950s. inefficiencies are due to how you run and maintain them. The position of the top and bottom dampers is important as is...