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    FTAGH Axminster M950 needs a new home FREE

    Many thanks for all the responses and messages, I decided to let Nick have the lathe as he lives only a short distance from me.
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    FTAGH Axminster M950 needs a new home FREE

    I checked out the website and no sign of anything woodworking
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    FTAGH Axminster M950 needs a new home FREE

    Yes that’s the one with no legs, I may also have the bed extension but I’m not sure about that.
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    FTAGH Axminster M950 needs a new home FREE

    Having given up turning five or six years ago I’ve been keeping this lathe for my niece but I now want to pass on the lathe a a stack of large blocks of mainly sycamore to a deserving new home. The lathe has no base as I mounted it on a sturdy bench nor does it come with a chuck or any tools...
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    FedEx - the most spectacularly incompetent carrier of them all !

    I’ve had a couple of minor problems with Hermes but only due to local staff illness. The only major problem I’ve had was with Yodel who simply left a package at the front gate only 20m from the front door luckily it had only been there according to their delivery time for three hours before I...
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    De Haviland Mosquitoes.

    Always a favourite of mine as a child and these are both superbly crafted. Something anybody would be proud to own.
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    Axminster Tools Problem

    At last I got a result by contacting the CEO as recommended in an earlier post. I’m still waiting for the money to hit my account but it has been cleared. I still didn’t get any direct apology for it not being a new machine in the first place. Thanks for all your helpful suggestions.
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    Axminster Tools Problem

    Many thanks for that link, it seems to be very useful. I will give them a couple of days to get back to me before using that contact. I will also refresh thread if I have more information. Many thanks for all the useful advice.
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    Axminster Tools Problem

    Axminster say they have contacted the courier again and asked them to look into it. I’ll await their response not having many other options.
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    Axminster Tools Problem

    I don’t mind the delay and accept the problems they are having along with everyone else. But I do object to being sent an item which clearly was not new and not even in its original Axminster carton. Had they explained this before sending it out we could have reached an agreement. Now to be...
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    Axminster Tools Problem

    I have contacted both Axminster and the courier company and await their reply’s. Axminster have been pretty slow responding recently.
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    Axminster Tools Problem

    Having been a happy Axminster customer for over twenty years I am now far from happy. I recently ordered a new bench grinder which when it arrived was obviously not new with scratches and dents etc. A return was arranged as I would have to wait for a replacement as (surprise, surprise) they...
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    Poor Service From Axminster

    Probably just a case of wanting to moan about it somewhere. Customer services have been in touch and the matter has been sorted amicably. As you say it is unusual for them and mistakes do happen so I am happy now to forget about it.
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    Poor Service From Axminster

    For the first time in many years of dealing with Axminster I am far from happy with my latest experience. Having done all the Christmas spending and still with a few bob left I decided to treat myself to a new Lie Nielsen chisel. On their website some sizes were listed as being out of stock so...
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    More unexpected walnut!

    Saw my first swallows yesterday afternoon in West Wales
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    Lidded Urn for Critique

    What a great piece of work
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    spalted beech form

    How thin do you manage to get the walls with such a small opening?
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    Set of elm bowls !

    As jumps said proper bowls that really look as if they need to be used rather than just looked at - nice work.
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    My best to date???

    Great work and it has certainly given me a few new ideas.
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    Carbide Cutter

    I stated my interest in round cutters at the beginning of this thread so I'm in.